J Intl Con Mar


Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 33(5)


Attitudes toward Advertising and Advertising Regulation among College Students in Egypt
Mohsen Bagnied, Mark Speece & Ibrahim Hegazy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pushing for Gender Equality in Advertising: Gender Role Stereotypes in the United Arab Emirates
Natasa Slak Valek & Gaelle Picherit-Duthler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Cultural Value Influence Consumers’ Attitudes toward Mall Events? A Study on Indian Mall Shoppers
Arpita Khare & Subhro Sarkar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Demystifying Horizontal/Vertical Cultural Difference in Green Consumption: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study |
Saleem ur Rahman & Harri Luomala [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Social Networking Sites on Luxury Vehicles Purchase Decision Process in Gulf Cooperation Council Countries
Ghaith Al-Abdallah, Nadine Khair & Reyad Elmarakby [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Believe It or Not: The Effect of Involvement on the Credibility of Image Transfer through co-Branding
Reza Ashari Nasution, Devi Arnita & Saqina Qanidya Purnama [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Factors Affecting Young Adults’ Willingness to Try Novel Health-Enhancing Nature-Based Products |
Riikka Puhakka, Alexis H. Haskins, Mikko Jauho, Mira Grönroos & Aki Sinkkonen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Convenience and Risk on E-Loyalty through the Mediating Role of E-Service Quality: A Comparison for China and Turkey
Canan Eryiğit & Yanrong Fan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

Handbook on Cross-Cultural Marketing, Edited by Glen H. Brodowsky and Camille P. Schuster. Edward Elgar Publishing: Cheltenham, UK 2020. 304 pp. ISBN 978-1 78897 8538. List price: $171.00. Hardcover.
Abhijit Roy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]