J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 36(13)



Innovations in veterinary markets: opinion leaders’ social capital
Ignat Kulkov, Wilhelm Barner-Rasmussen, Maria Ivanova-Gongne, Anastasia Tsvetkova, Magnus Hellström, Kim Wikström [Google Scholar]

A digital servitization framework for viable manufacturing companies
Maria Vincenza Ciasullo, Francesco Polese, Raffaella Montera, Luca Carrubbo [Google Scholar]

Assessing inter-organizational performance through customer value: a literature review
Lucrezia Coletta, Milena Vainieri, Guido Noto, Anna Maria Murante [Google Scholar]

From channel management towards network coordination – changing perspectives on distribution arrangements
Lars-Erik Gadde [Google Scholar]

The role of openness in collaborative innovation in industrial networks: historical and contemporary cases
Jens Laage-Hellman, Frida Lind, Andrea Perna [Google Scholar]

Exploring and extending the synergy concept – a study of three acquisitions
Johan Holtström, Helén Anderson [Google Scholar]

Fairness and behavioral intentions in discrete B2B transactions: a study of small business firms
Fabio Cassia, Sven A. Haugland, Francesca Magno [Google Scholar]

Ethical values adaptation in international B2B relationships: case of Russian immigrant entrepreneurs in Finland
Olga Dziubaniuk, Maria Ivanova-Gongne [Google Scholar]

R&D alliance partner attributes and innovation performance: a fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis
Giulio Ferrigno, Giovanni Battista Dagnino, Nadia Di Paola [Google Scholar]

Rethinking interaction in social distancing times: implications for business-to-business companies
Andrea Runfola, Matilde Milanesi, Simone Guercini [Google Scholar]

Overcoming the business model transformation dilemma: exploring market shaping and stabilizing strategies in incumbent firms
Per Johan Carlborg, Nina Hasche, Johan Kask [Google Scholar]

Network interactions for pharmaceutical market access: findings from an explorative research
Andrea Runfola, Simone Guercini, Matilde Milanesi [Google Scholar]

Unmasking conflict in vertical coopetition
Anni Rajala, Annika Tidström [Google Scholar]

Teachers, researchers, but not innovators? Rethinking university-industry collaboration
Heléne Lundberg, Christina Öberg [Google Scholar]