Pub Opinion Quart


Public Opinion Quarterly, 85(S1)



New Data in Social and Behavioral Research
Frederick G Conrad; Florian Keusch; Michael F Schober [Google Scholar]

Bringing Social Context Back In: Enriching Political Participation Surveys with Measures of Social Interaction from Social Media Content Data
Hjalmar Bang Carlsen; Jonas ToubØl; Snorre Ralund [Google Scholar]

Using data from reddit, public deliberation, and surveys to measure public opinion about autonomous vehicles
Kaiping Chen; David Tomblin [Google Scholar]

Using Administrative Records and Survey Data to Construct Samples of Tweeters and Tweets
Adam G Hughes; Stefan D McCabe; William R Hobbs; Emma Remy ; Sono Shah … [Google Scholar]

Comparing Estimates of News Consumption from Survey and Passively Collected Behavioral Data
Tobias Konitzer; Jennifer Allen; Stephanie Eckman; Baird Howland ; Markus Mobius … [Google Scholar]

Can Religiosity be Sensed with Satellite Data? An Assessment of Luminosity during Ramadan in Turkey
Avital Livny [Google Scholar]

A Total Error Framework for Digital Traces of Human Behavior on Online Platforms
Indira Sen; Fabian Flöck; Katrin Weller; Bernd Weiß ; Claudia Wagner [Google Scholar]

Sharing Data Collected with Smartphone Sensors: Willingness, Participation, and Nonparticipation Bias
Bella Struminskaya; Peter Lugtig; Vera Toepoel ; Barry Schouten; Deirdre Giesen … [Google Scholar]

Augmenting Household Expenditure Forecasts with Online Employee-generated Company Reviews
Efthymia Symitsi; Panagiotis Stamolampros; Antonios Karatzas [Google Scholar]