J Pub Policy Mar


Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 40(4)



The Future of Marketing Analytics and Public Policy
Brennan Davis, Dhruv Grewal, and Steve Hamilton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Invited Commentaries

Big Data, Marketing Analytics, and Public Policy: Implications for Health Care
Praveen K. Kopalle and Donald R. Lehmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Treatment Effect Heterogeneity in Randomized Field Experiments: A Methodological Comparison and Public Policy Implications
Yixing Chen, Shrihari Sridhar, and Vikas Mittal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Research

Sustainable by Design: Choice Architecture and the Carbon Footprint of Grocery Shopping
Luca A. Panzone, Alistair Ulph, Denis Hilton, Ilse Gortemaker, and Ibrahim Adebisi Tajudeen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Get a £10 Free Bet Every Week!”—Gambling Advertising on Twitter: Volume, Content, Followers, Engagement, and Regulatory Compliance
Raffaello Rossi, Agnes Nairn, Josh Smith, and Christopher Inskip [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Power and the Tweet: How Viral Messaging Conveys Political Advantage
Kellie Crow, Ashish S. Galande, Mathew Chylinski, and Frank Mathmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Consumers Order More Calories in a Meal with a Diet or Regular Soft Drink? An Empirical Investigation Using Large-Scale Field Data
Sina Ghotbi, Tirtha Dhar, and Charles B. Weinberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Analytics to Gain Insights on U.S. Prescription Drug Prices: An Inductive Analysis
Kathleen Iacocca and Beth Vallen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Patient Satisfaction in Hospitals’ Medicare Reimbursements
Lu Liu, Dinesh K. Gauri, and Rupinder P. Jindal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Linking Marketing to Nonprofit Performance
Denish Shah and Morris George [Publisher] [Google Scholar]