J Intl Bus Studies


Journal of International Business Studies, 52(8)




The overarching role of international marketing: Relevance and centrality in research and practice
Saeed Samiee, Constantine S. Katsikeas, G. Tomas M. Hult [Google Scholar]

Sharing economy: International marketing strategies
Irina V. Kozlenkova, Ju-Yeon Lee, Diandian Xiang, Robert W. Palmatier [Google Scholar]

Managerial metric use in marketing decisions across 16 countries: A cultural perspective
Ofer Mintz, Imran S Currim, Jan-Benedict E M Steenkamp, Martijn Jong [Google Scholar]

E-platform use and exporting in the context of Alibaba: A signaling theory perspective
Ruey-Jer “Bryan” Jean, Daekwan Kim, Kevin Zheng Zhou, S. Tamer Cavusgil [Google Scholar]

Platform-based mobile payments adoption in emerging and developed countries: Role of country-level heterogeneity and network effects
V. Kumar, Nandini Nim, Amit Agarwal [Google Scholar]

Brand credibility and marketplace globalization: The role of perceived brand globalness and localness
Timo Mandler, Fabian Bartsch, C. Min Han [Google Scholar]

Acting on anger: Cultural value moderators of the effects of consumer animosity
Stanford A Westjohn, Peter Magnusson, Yi Peng, Hyeyoon Jung [Google Scholar]

The two sides of cooperation in export relationships: When more is not better
Claude Obadia, Matthew J. Robson [Google Scholar]

Invited Research Notes

Speed and synchronization in foreign market network entry: A note on the revisited Uppsala model
Jan Johanson, Martin Johanson [Google Scholar]

Toward a loose coupling view of digital globalization
Satish Nambisan, Yadong Luo [Google Scholar]