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Moving back into the Classroom:

Journal of Marketing Insights in the Classroom seeks to help marketing professors adopt ideas and findings from articles published in the Journal of Marketing. Authors of JM articles provide a few slides on important marketing topics that you can import into your own marketing classroom materials. You can search for insights by course titles—these are updated every few weeks, so check back in over time. The program has nearly 100 entries across 12 different types of courses available for adoption.


Recently Accepted Papers Forthcoming in the Journal of Marketing: Visit for a full list

Blame the Bot: Anthropomorphism and Anger in Customer-Chatbot Interactions
Cammy Crolic, Felipe Thomaz, Rhonda Hadi, Andrew T. Stephen

The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Brand Sales: An Accountability Perspective
Dionne Nickerson, Michael Low, Adithya Pattabhiramaiah, Alina Sorescu

Measuring the Real-Time Stock Market Impact of Firm-Generated Content
Ewelina Lacka, D. Eric Boyd, Gbenga Ibikunle, P.K. Kannan

Leveraging Creativity in Charity Marketing: The Impact of Engaging in Creative Activities on Subsequent Donation Behavior
Lidan Xu, Ravi Mehta, Darren W. Dahl

Attribute Embedding: Learning Hierarchical Representations of Product Attributes from Consumer Reviews
Xin (Shane) Wang, Jiaxiu He, David J. Curry, Jun Hyun (Joseph) Ryoo

Minimum Payments Alter Debt Repayment Strategies across Multiple Cards
Samuel D. Hirshman, Abigail B. Sussman

Why is it Wrong to Sell Your Body? Understanding Liberals’ vs. Conservatives’ Moral Objections to Bodily Markets
Shreyans Goenka, Stijn M.J. van Osselaer

Why Salespeople Avoid Big-Whale Sales Opportunities
Juan Xu, Michel van der Borgh, Edwin J. Nijssen, Son K. Lam

Households under Economic Change: How Micro- and Macroeconomic Conditions Shape Grocery Shopping Behavior
Thomas P. Scholdra, Julian R. K. Wichmann, Maik Eisenbeiss, Werner J. Reinartz

Is Distance Really Dead in the Online World? The Moderating Role of Geographical Distance on the Effectiveness of Electronic Word-of-Mouth
Vilma Todri, Panagiotis (Panos) Adamopoulos, Michelle Andrews

Identifying Market Structure: A Deep Network Representation Learning of Social Engagement
Yi Yang, Kunpeng Zhang, P.K. Kannan

Examining Why and When Market Share Drives Firm Profit
Abhi Bhattacharya, Neil A. Morgan, Lopo L. Rego

A New Livestream Retail Analytics Framework to Assess the Sales Impact of Emotional Displays
Neeraj Bharadwaj, Michel Ballings, Prasad A. Naik, Miller Moore, Mustafa Murat Arat

Do Backer Affiliations Help or Hurt Crowdfunding Success?
Kelly Herd, Girish Mallapragada, Vishal Narayan

Communication in the Gig Economy: Buying and Selling in Online Freelance Marketplaces
Stephan Ludwig, Dennis Herhausen, Dhruv Grewal, Liliana Bove, Sabine Benoit, Ko de Ruyter, Peter Urwin

The Influence of Social Norms on Consumer Behavior: A Meta-Analysis
Vladimir Melnyk, François A. Carrillat, Valentyna Melnyk

Wage Inequality: Its Impact on Customer Satisfaction and Firm Performance
Boas Bamberger, Christian Homburg, Dominik M. Wielgos

How Consumer Orchestration Work Creates Value in the Sharing Economy
Daiane Scarabato, Bernardo Figueredo

Connecting to Place, People, and Past: How Products Can Make Us Feel Grounded and Why Marketers Should Care
Isabel Eichinger, Martin Schreier, Stijn M.J. van Osselae


Tools to Assess the Readability and Relevance of Your Research

Increase readability: Do you want your research to make an impact? If so, readers will need to understand your writing. Unfortunately, most academic writing is difficult to understand. Worse yet, most scholars don’t realize when their writing is unclear. As scholars, we suffer from a “curse of knowledge,” which prevents us from realizing that readers do not understand our research as well as we do. The recent Journal of Marketing article, “Marketing Ideas: How to Write Research Articles that Readers Understand and Cite,” by Nooshin Warren, Matthew Farmer, Tianyu Gu, and Caleb Warren examines how the curse of knowledge increases reliance on abstract, technical, and passive writing. To help scholars recognize and improve unclear writing so their research can make a larger impact, the article offers a website ( and a tutorial (see Web Appendix B). Look for details and tools at:

Increase relevance: Do you want your research to matter to marketing stakeholders? If so, it should address high-impact issues that are relevant to business. A new Journal of Marketing article, “R2M Index 1.0: Assessing the Practical Relevance of Academic Marketing Articles,” by Kamel Jedidi, Bernd Schmitt, Malek Ben Sliman and Yanyan Li finds that academic marketing articles are often detached from marketing practice which limits their potential impact. The article examines how relevance is achieved and offers tools for assessing your own research. Look for details and tools at:


Call for Manuscripts: Marketing in the Healthcare Sector, Special Issue of the Journal of Marketing. Submission Deadline: July 1-November 1, 2021.

Healthcare is vital to our interconnected world. As the world faces a pandemic of a magnitude not witnessed for over 100 years, we are reminded of its fundamental role. Consumers (patients) seek health, healthcare providers and institutions work to deliver care, insurance companies and governments monitor its costs, markets compete on it, policy regulates it, and society benefits from its successes or suffers from its failings. Marketing as a discipline, however, has not lived up to its potential contributions to this important aspect of our lives. This Journal of Marketing Special Issue is dedicated to developing and promoting research on healthcare marketing. Review the call for papers, including relevant topics, types of papers, and editorial review process.

Watch videos from a group of leading scholars sharing their views on unanswered questions facing marketing in the healthcare sector.​ Participants include Leonard Berry, Punam Keller, Irina Kozlenkova, Cait Lamberton, John Lynch, Detelina Marinova, Vikas Mittal, Maura Scott, Steve Shugan, Jagdip Singh, Hari Sridhar, S Sriram, and Rick Staelin.


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