J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 136



Addressing tensions in coopetition for sustainable innovation: Insights from the automotive industry
Pauline Munten, Joëlle Vanhamme, François Maon, Valérie Swaen, Adam Lindgreen [Google Scholar]

A meta-analytic review of mobile advertising research
Haroon Iqbal Maseeh, Charles Jebarajakirthy, Robin Pentecost, Md. Ashaduzzaman, Denni Arli, Scott Weaven [Google Scholar]

An exploratory and confirmatory composite analysis of a scale for measuring privacy concerns
Deodat Mwesiumo, Nigel Halpern, Thomas Budd, Pere Suau-Sanchez, Svein Bråthen [Google Scholar]

‘To Trust or Not’: Impact of camouflage strategies on trust in the sharing economy
Viswanathan Venkateswaran, Deepak S Kumar, Deepak Gupta [Google Scholar]

I got this! resource bundles and adversity: A situated entrepreneurial optimism perspective
Sibel Ozgen, Maria Lapeira, Seema Pissaris [Google Scholar]

A decade (2008–2019) of advertising research productivity: A bibliometric review
John B. Ford, Subhalakshmi Bezbaruah, Prokriti Mukherji, Varsha Jain, Altaf Merchant [Google Scholar]

Psychological and behavioral outcomes of social media-induced fear of missing out at the workplace
Anushree Tandon, Amandeep Dhir, Nazrul Islam, Shalini Talwar, Matti Mäntymäki [Google Scholar]

Artificial intelligence: The light and the darkness
Dhruv Grewal, Abhijit Guha, Cinthia B. Satornino, Elisa B. Schweiger [Google Scholar]

Does country environment matter in the relationship between intellectual capital and innovation performance?
Tatiana Andreeva, Tatiana Garanina, Josune Sáenz, Nekane Aramburu, Aino Kianto [Google Scholar]

Nanoinfluencer marketing: How message features affect credibility and behavioral intentions
M.S. Balaji, Yangyang Jiang, Subhash Jha [Google Scholar]

Combating workplace loneliness climate and enhancing team performance: The roles of leader humor and team bureaucratic practices
Fu Yang, Deping Wen [Google Scholar]

Feeling anxious: The dark side of checkout charity solicitations
Adam Hepworth, Na Young Lee, Alex R. Zablah [Google Scholar]

The not-so-odd couple: Odd pricing in a luxury context
Annalisa Fraccaro, Sandrine Macé, Béatrice Parguel [Google Scholar]

Taking matters into one’s own hands? Addressing the relational nature of FLE autonomy
Carsten Lund Pedersen [Google Scholar]

The role of social acceptability and guilt in unethical consumer behavior: Following the crowd or their own moral compass?
Paul Mills, Christopher Groening [Google Scholar]

How green product demands influence industrial buyer/seller relationships, knowledge, and marketing dynamic capabilities
Steven H. Dahlquist [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurial competencies and alliance success: The role of external knowledge absorption and mutual trust
Nadia Zahoor, Dennis Gabriel Pepple, Jyoti Choudrie [Google Scholar]

Women executives and financing pecking order of GEM-listed companies: Moderating roles of social capital and regional institutional environment
Xu Wang, Shengliang Deng, Ilan Alon [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurs’ social capital and venture capital financing
Yan Shao, Lingxia Sun [Google Scholar]

When does the global mindset affect headquarters–subsidiary relationships?
Fuming Jiang, Tony Travaglione, Li Xian Liu, Jizhong Li [Google Scholar]

Am I ‘In or Out’? A social identity approach to studying expatriates’ social networks and adjustment in a host country context
Ying Guo, Hussain Gulzar Rammal, Vijay Pereira [Google Scholar]

From subsistence farming to agribusiness and nonfarm entrepreneurship: Does it improve economic conditions and well-being?
George Saridakis, Yannis Georgellis, Rebeca I. Muñoz Torres, Anne-Marie Mohammed, Robert Blackburn [Google Scholar]

All by myself: How perceiving organizational constraints when others do not hampers work engagement
Cristián Coo, Anne Richter, Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz, Henna Hasson, Marta Roczniewska [Google Scholar]

Female directors, capital structure, and financial distress
C. José García, Begoña Herrero [Google Scholar]

COVID-19 and digitalization: The great acceleration
Joseph Amankwah-Amoah, Zaheer Khan, Geoffrey Wood, Gary Knight [Google Scholar]

The shape of loneliness: The relationship between loneliness and consumer preference for angular versus circular shapes
Nuoya Chen, Jinfeng (Jenny) Jiao, Xiucheng Fan, Shaobo (Kevin) Li [Google Scholar]

How does customer involvement in service innovation motivate service innovation performance? The roles of relationship learning and knowledge absorptive capacity
Xuemei Xie, Hongwei Wang, Javier Sendra García [Google Scholar]

Employee perceptions of information and communication technologies in work life, perceived burnout, job satisfaction and the role of work-family balance
Katharina Ninaus, Sandra Diehl, Ralf Terlutter [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurial ecosystems for developing the sports industry in European Union countries
María Huertas González-Serrano, Josep Crespo-Hervás, Carlos Pérez-Campos, Ferran Calabuig [Google Scholar]

Facilitating value: How organizations deploy resources in social media-based brand communities
Anne Sorensen [Google Scholar]

Cross-listing, foreign independent directors and firm value
Seungjoon Oh, Keli Ding, Heungju Park [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

5th International Augmented and Virtual Reality (ARVR) Conference. Edited by: Barry Babin, Nina Krey, Philipp A. Rauschnabel

Virtual reality marketing and customer advocacy: Transforming experiences from story-telling to story-doing
Anouk de Regt, Kirk Plangger, Stuart J. Barnes [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Networks in Services for Sustainable Business; Edited by Sang M. Lee, Domingo Ribeiro-Soriano & Sascha Kraus

Service networks for sustainable business: A dynamic evolution analysis over half a century
Xinxin Wang, Zeshui Xu, Yong Qin, Marinko Skare [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Dark side of business-to-business (B2B) relationships. Edited By: Piyush Sharma, Russel PJKingshott, Tak YanLeung, Ashish Malik

Risk mitigation strategies in international B2B relationships: Role of institutions and governance
Deeksha Singh, Ajai S. Gaur [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

The Effects of Childhood Experiences in Adulthood: Implications for Business Activity and Research. Edited By: Zhiming Cheng, Youqing Fan, Zhou Jiang, Russell Smyth, Massimiliano Tani, Ben Zhe Wang.

“Smoking your child’s job away”: Parental smoking during one’s childhood and the probability of being employed in adulthood
Kushneel Prakash, Sanjesh Kumar [Google Scholar]

Does early-life war exposure of a CEO enhance corporate information transparency?
Sanghak Choi, Hail Jung [Google Scholar]

Born innovator? How founder birth order influences product innovation generation and adoption in entrepreneurial firms
Leven J. Zheng, Youqing Fan, Huan Wang, Wei Liu [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Innovation in Sport Business Management. Edited By: D. Eric Boyd and C. Keith Harrison

Sports fans and innovation: An analysis of football fans’ satisfaction with video assistant refereeing through social identity and argumentative theories
Mathieu Winand, Christopher Schneiders, Sebastian Merten, Mathieu Marlier [Google Scholar]

Preserving the legacy – Why do professional soccer clubs (not) adopt innovative process technologies? A grounded theory study
Ralf Plattfaut, Julian Koch [Google Scholar]

Transitioning from athlete to entrepreneur: An entrepreneurial identity perspective
D. Eric Boyd, C. Keith Harrison, Haley McInerny [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Challenging the status quo in marketing research. Guest Edited by: Durdana Ozretic Dosen, Morana Fuduric, Sandra Horvat

Dynamic exporting capabilities and SME’s profitability: Conditional effects of market and product diversification
Dario Miocevic [Google Scholar]

Opportunities and challenges of using biometrics for business: Developing a research agenda
Arne De Keyser, Yakov Bart, Xian Gu, Stephanie Q. Liu, Stacey G. Robinson, P.K. Kannan [Google Scholar]

From social networking to willingness to disclose personal data when shopping online: Modelling in the context of social exchange theory
Sigitas Urbonavicius, Mindaugas Degutis, Ignas Zimaitis, Vaida Kaduskeviciute, Vatroslav Skare [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Culture and the Interconnected Consumers. Edited By: Michel Laroche

The effects of uppercase vs. lowercase letters on consumers’ perceptions and brand attitudes
Lefa Teng, Chenxin Xie, Tianjiao Liu, Fan Wang, Lianne Foti [Google Scholar]

The impact of online review variance of new products on consumer adoption intentions
Yuanyuan Wu, Tianjiao Liu, Lefa Teng, Hui Zhang, Chenxin Xie [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

The Need for a Redefined Service Focus. Edited By: Jay Kandampullyand Lerzan Aksoy

Service transformation: How can it be achieved?
Jay Kandampully, Anil Bilgihan, Milos Bujisic, Andreas Kaplan, Cheryl Burke Jarvis, Yupal Shukla [Google Scholar]

Reimagining attraction and retention of hospitality management talent– A multilevel identity perspective
Ceridwyn King, Juan M. Madera, Lindsey Lee, Enrique Murillo, Tom Baum, David Solnet [Google Scholar]

Value proposition dynamics in response to external event triggers
Sara Leroi-Werelds, Katrien Verleye, Nathaniel Line, Liliana Bove [Google Scholar]

Service system transformation through service design: Linking analytical dimensions and service design approaches
Kaisa Koskela-Huotari, Lia Patrício, Jie Zhang, Ingo Oswald Karpen, Daniela Sangiorgi, Laurel Anderson, Vanja Bogicevic [Google Scholar]

A customer-centric five actor model for sustainability and service innovation
Allard C.R. van Riel, Tor W. Andreassen, Line Lervik-Olsen, Lu Zhang, Sunil Mithas, Kristina Heinonen [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Corruptive Practices, Digitalization, and International Business. Edited by: Pervez Ghauri, Vikas Kumar, Jeoung Yul Lee, Byung Il Park

Digitalization level, corruptive practices, and location choice in the hotel industry
Ana M. Romero-Martínez, Fernando E. García-Muiña [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Reimagining Global Value Chains in Times and the Aftermath of COVID-19. Guest Edited By: Ismail Gölgeci, David Gligor, Erkan Bayraktar, DursunDelen

Supply chain recovery challenges in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic
Sanjoy Kumar Paul, Priyabrata Chowdhury, Md. Abdul Moktadir, Kwok Hung Lau [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

5th International Augmented and Virtual Reality (ARVR) Conference. Edited by: Barry Babin, Nina Krey, Philipp A. Rauschnabel

Strategic approaches to augmented reality deployment by luxury brands
Ana Javornik, Katherine Duffy, Joonas Rokka, Joachim Scholz, Karinna Nobbs, Anisa Motala, Adriana Goldenberg [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Extending the Resource and Knowledge Based View: Insights from New Contexts of Analysis. Edited BY: Sir Cary Cooper, Vijay P Pereira, Demetris Vrontis, Yipeng Liu

Sharing economy platform firms and their resource orchestration approaches
Jing Zeng, M. Mahdi Tavalaei, Zaheer Khan [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Knowledge hiding in organization: What make people hide knowledge? Guest edited by: Sanjay Singh, Manlio Del Giudice, Arvind Malhotra, Valentina Cillo

Telling “white lies” within the entrepreneurial firm: How rationalized knowledge hiding between founder CEO and founder CTO influences new product development
Chang Xiong, Leven J. Zheng, Rony Germon, Jean-Paul Susini, Victor Chang [Google Scholar]

The role of nature of knowledge and knowledge creating processes in knowledge hiding: Reframing knowledge hiding
Samir Shrivastava, Federica Pazzaglia, Karan Sonpar [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

MANGING BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS FOR SOCIAL IMPACT. Guest Edited By: Maciej Mitręga, Dariusz Siemieniako, Krzysztof Kubacki, Stefanos Mouzas

How do social enterprises manage business relationships? A review of the literature and directions for future research
Leila Alinaghian, Kamran Razmdoost [Google Scholar]