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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 63



Purchasing natural personal care products in the era of fake news? The moderation effect of brand trust [Google Scholar]
Sushant Kumar, Shalini Talwar, Satish Krishnan, Puneet Kaur, Amandeep Dhir

South African consumers’ willingness to pay a premium for Karoo Lamb: The influence of subjective and objective knowledge, label information and demographics
Suné Donoghue, Ina Wilken-Jonker, Francois E. Steffens, Johann F. Kirsten [Google Scholar]

Using structural topic modelling to predict users’ sentiment towards intelligent personal agents. An application for Amazon’s echo and Google Home
Manuel J. Sánchez-Franco, Francisco J. Arenas-Márquez, Manuel Alonso-Dos-Santos [Google Scholar]

Show me your mobile and I will tell you who you are: Forecasting consumer compassion and altruism behaviour through smartphone type and usage
Amitabh Anand, Saeedeh Rezeaee Vessal, Kishore Rathi, Nisreen Ameen [Google Scholar]

Effect of customer involvement on co-creation of services: A moderated mediation model
Millissa F.Y. Cheung, W.M. To [Google Scholar]

The provenance of loyalty card data for urban and retail analytics
Tim Rains, Paul Longley [Google Scholar]

Why do people purchase from food delivery apps? A consumer value perspective
Anushree Tandon, Puneet Kaur, Yogesh Bhatt, Matti Mäntymäki, Amandeep Dhir [Google Scholar]

Online purchase intention in Chinese social commerce platforms: Being emotional or rational?
Umair Akram, Muhammad Junaid, Abaid Ullah Zafar, Zhiwen Li, Mingyue Fan [Google Scholar]

Do myriad e-channels always create value for customers? A dynamic analysis of the perceived value of a digital information product during the usage phase
Rémi Mencarelli, Arnaud Rivière, Cindy Lombart [Google Scholar]

Channel-level resource allocation decision in multichannel retailing: A U.S. multichannel company application
Yasamin Salmani, Fariborz Y. Partovi [Google Scholar]

Greater patience and monetary expenditure: How shopping with companions influences purchase decisions
Dan-Yang Gui, Shixiong Liu, Yu Dai, Ying Liu, Xiaoli Wang, Huiying Huang [Google Scholar]

Dealing with poor online ratings in the hospitality service industry: The mitigating power of corporate social responsibility activities
Florent Girardin, Valéry Bezençon, Renaud Lunardo [Google Scholar]

The curious case of productivity orientation: The influence of advertising stimuli on affect and preference for subscription boxes
Irina T. Toteva, Richard J. Lutz, Eric H. Shaw [Google Scholar]

Modeling behavioral intention to use travel reservation apps: A cross-cultural examination between US and China
Wasim Ahmad, Woo Gon Kim, Hyung-Min Choi, Junaid Ul Haq [Google Scholar]

Consumer perceived value and impulse buying behavior on mobile commerce: The moderating effect of social influence
Feng Yang, Jing Tang, Jinqi Men, Xiabing Zheng [Google Scholar]

What drives diners’ eco-friendly behaviour? The moderating role of planning routine
Shalini Talwar, Puneet Kaur, Rambalak Yadav, Anil Bilgihan, Amandeep Dhir [Google Scholar]

Does sustainability really matter to consumers? Assessing the importance of online shop and apparel product attributes
Theresa Maria Rausch, Daniel Baier, Stefanie Wening [Google Scholar]

Equifinal causes of sustainable clothing purchase behavior: An fsQCA analysis among generation Y
Cristopher Siegfried Kopplin, Stella Franca Rösch [Google Scholar]

Ethics support through rapport: Elaborating the impact of service provider rapport on ethical behaviour intention of the tourists
Widya Paramita, Naila Zulfa, Rokhima Rostiani, Yulia A. Widyaningsih, Mahfud Sholihin [Google Scholar]

What’s inside matters: The impact of ingredient branding on consumers’ purchasing behaviours in services
Ceyda Paydas Turan [Google Scholar]

Building value with packaging: Development and validation of a measurement scale
Ana Dopico-Parada, María Jesús López-Miguens, Paula Álvarez-González [Google Scholar]

How mobile augmented reality applications affect continuous use and purchase intentions: A cognition-affect-conation perspective
Hong Qin, Babajide Osatuyi, Lu Xu [Google Scholar]

Horizontal mergers under uniform resource constraints
Pu-yan Nie, Chan Wang, Hong-xing Wen [Google Scholar]

The effects of ad heuristic and systematic cues on consumer brand awareness and purchase intention: Investigating the bias effect of heuristic information processing
Yingsi Tan, Shuang Geng, Sotaro Katsumata, Xiaojun Xiong [Google Scholar]

Impact of apps aesthetics on revisit intentions of food delivery apps: The mediating role of pleasure and arousal
Sushant Kumar, Aarushi Jain, Jung-Kuei Hsieh [Google Scholar]

The abandonment behaviour of the branded app consumer: A study using interpretive structural modelling approach
Jalaluddin Mondal, Somnath Chakrabarti [Google Scholar]

Adopting autonomous vehicles: The moderating effects of demographic variables
Jungkun Park, EunPyo Hong, Hoang TPM Le [Google Scholar]

Determinants of customer brand loyalty in the retail industry: A comparison between national and private brands in South Korea
Syjung Hwang, Minyoung Lee, Eunil Park, Angel P. del Pobil [Google Scholar]

The moderating impact of taste award on the interplay between perceived taste, perceived quality and brand trust
Faruk Anıl Konuk [Google Scholar]

Consumer acceptance of irradiated food and information disclosure – A retail imperative
Clare D’Souza, Vanessa Apaolaza, Patrick Hartmann, Anne Renée Brouwer, Ninh Nguyen [Google Scholar]

Conflict management capabilities in franchising
Rozenn Perrigot, Begoña López-Fernández, Guy Basset [Google Scholar]

Jean-Charles Shalom Chebat, (1945–2019) z’’l: An intimate perspective into his life
Claire Gélinas-Chebat, Daniel-Robert Chebat, Myriam-Ève Chebat, Élise-Rachel Chebat [Google Scholar]

Quality of channel integration and customer loyalty in omnichannel retailing: The mediating role of customer engagement and relationship program receptiveness
Mengjia Gao, Lin Huang [Google Scholar]

Tell me a story about yourself: The words of shopping experience and self-satisfaction
Luca Petruzzellis, Andrea Fronzetti Colladon, Marco Visentin, Jean-Charles Chebat [Google Scholar]

Shop-hop till you drop! The effect of the image gap on spillover patronage within retail agglomerations
Sheng Wei, Hong Huo, Ming Xu, Djavlonbek Kadirov, Kim-Shyan Fam [Google Scholar]

The young and the reckless: Social and physical warning messages reduce dangerous driving behavior in a simulator
Daniel-Robert Chebat, Linda Lemarié, Batya Rotnemer, Tzviel Talbi, Michael Wagner [Google Scholar]

How close do we feel to virtual product to make a purchase decision? Impact of perceived proximity to virtual product and temporal purchase intention
Atieh Poushneh [Google Scholar]

Augmented reality shopping application usage: The influence of attitude, value, and characteristics of innovation
Yi Jiang, Xueqin Wang, Kum Fai Yuen [Google Scholar]

Experiencing atmospherics: The moderating effect of mall experiences on the impact of individual store atmospherics on spending behavior and mall loyalty
Iris Vilnai-Yavetz, Shaked Gilboa, Vince Mitchell [Google Scholar]

Appreciation vs. apology: When and why does face covering requirement increase revisit intention?
Anqi Luo, Tian Ye, Xunyue Xue, Anna S. Mattila [Google Scholar]

Beyond classical van Westendorp: Assessing price sensitivity for variants of algae-based meat substitutes
Ramona Weinrich, Birgit Gassler [Google Scholar]

I don’t want to be a rule enforcer during the COVID-19 pandemic: Frontline employees’ plight
William Magnus Northington, Stephanie T. Gillison, Sharon E. Beatty, Shiri Vivek [Google Scholar]

The effects of service quality, perceived value and trust in home delivery service personnel on customer satisfaction: Evidence from a developing country
Md. Uzir Hossain Uzir, Hussam Al Halbusi, Ramayah Thurasamy, Rodney Lim Thiam Hock, Musheer A. Aljaberi, Najmul Hasan, Mahmud Hamid [Google Scholar]

Exploring an in-store customer journey for customers shopping for outdoor apparel
Nic S. Terblanche, Martin Kidd [Google Scholar]

Determinants of store patronage: The roles of political ideology, consumer and market characteristics
Fatima Madani, Satheesh Seenivasan, Junzhao Ma [Google Scholar]

Exploring the impact of chatbots on consumer sentiment and expectations in retail
Anh D. Tran, Jason I. Pallant, Lester W. Johnson [Google Scholar]

The influences of cooperative climate, competitive climate and customer empowerment on service creativity
Tingko Lee, Chih-Hsing Sam Liu, Pei-Hsun Li [Google Scholar]

How do restaurant atmospherics influence restaurant authenticity? An integrative framework and empirical evidence
Shaymaa Al-Kilani, Kamel El Hedhli [Google Scholar]

Authenticity, fit and product type: Testing a celebrity brand extension model cross-culturally
María Lucila Osorio, Edgar Centeno-Velázquez, María Eugenia López-Pérez, Ernesto del Castillo [Google Scholar]

Predictors of consumers’ willingness to share personal information with fashion sales robots
Christina Soyoung Song, Youn-Kyung Kim [Google Scholar]

Cute brand logo enhances favorable brand attitude: The moderating role of hope
Felix Septianto, Widya Paramita [Google Scholar]

Positive gender congruency effects on shopper responses: Field evidence from a gender egalitarian culture
Tobias Otterbring, Roopali Bhatnagar, Peter Samuelsson, Sylvie Borau [Google Scholar]

A purchase decision support model considering consumer personalization about aspirations and risk attitudes
Yongming Song, Guangxu Li, Tie Li, Yanhong Li [Google Scholar]

‘I’m like you, and I like what you like’ sustainable food purchase influenced by vloggers: A moderated serial-mediation model
Zhen Xu, Tahir Islam, Xiaobei Liang, Naeem Akhtar, Mohsin Shahzad [Google Scholar]

The effect of employees’ politeness strategy and customer membership on customers’ perception of co-recovery and online post-recovery satisfaction
Yu Zhang, Yafen Yuan, Jiafu Su, Yan Xiao [Google Scholar]

The impact of online celebrity in livestreaming E-commerce on purchase intention from the perspective of emotional contagion
Lu (Monroe) Meng, Shen Duan, Yijun Zhao, Kevin Lü, Siyun Chen [Google Scholar]

Exploring the involvement-patronage link in the phygital retail experiences
Shanta Banik [Google Scholar]

Mobile shopping intensity: Consumer demographics and motivations
Jianwei Hou, Kevin Elliott [Google Scholar]

Deciphering in-store-online switching in multi-channel retailing context: Role of affective commitment to purchase situation
Charles Jebarajakirthy, Manish Das, Dhara Shah, Amit Shankar [Google Scholar]

Standing up for or against: A text-mining study on the recommendation of mobile payment apps
Silas Formunyuy Verkijika, Brownhilder Ngek Neneh [Google Scholar]

The perception of discount sales promotions – A utilitarian and hedonic perspective
Teck Weng Jee [Google Scholar]

Editorial: Some insights in retailing: Gluten-free products, veg private labels, stock-outs and in-store merchandisers
Juan Carlos Gázquez-Abad, Francisco J. Martínez-López [Google Scholar]

Purchasing veg private labels? A comparison between occasional and regular buyers
Elisa Martinelli, Francesca De Canio [Google Scholar]

AI-chatbots on the services frontline addressing the challenges and opportunities of agency
Terrence Chong, Ting Yu, Debbie Isobel Keeling, Ko de Ruyter [Google Scholar]

Background music tempo effects on food evaluations and purchase intentions
Felipe Pantoja, Adilson Borges [Google Scholar]

Taking advantage of the gluten-free opportunity: Assortment as the key driver for modern grocery retailers
Edoardo Fornari, Daniele Fornari, Sebastiano Grandi, Alessandro Iuffmann Ghezzi, Mario Menegatti [Google Scholar]

It’s not there, I love it! How relevance to objective needs of an unavailable item impacts emotions, store image, and behavior
Liliana Kowalczyk, Els Breugelmans, Katia Campo [Google Scholar]

Social media and sustainable purchasing attitude: Role of trust in social media and environmental effectiveness
Abaid Ullah Zafar, Jie Shen, Muhammad Ashfaq, Mohsin Shahzad [Google Scholar]

A two-generation new product model by considering forward-looking customers: Dynamic pricing and advertising optimization
Somayeh Najafi- Ghobadi, Jafar Bagherinejad, Ata Allah Taleizadeh [Google Scholar]

Positive and negative word of mouth (WOM) are not necessarily opposites: A reappraisal using the dual factor theory
Manish Talwar, Shalini Talwar, Puneet Kaur, A.K.M. Najmul Islam, Amandeep Dhir [Google Scholar]

Social commerce website design, perceived value and loyalty behavior intentions: The moderating roles of gender, age and frequency of use
Sebastian Molinillo, Rocío Aguilar-Illescas, Rafael Anaya-Sánchez, Francisco Liébana-Cabanillas [Google Scholar]