J Mar Man


Journal of Marketing Management, 37(11/12)


Cue the complaint: the visual cues of Facebook business pages and their influence on consumer complaint behaviour
Christine Armstrong, Alicia Kulczynski & Stacey Brennan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The social phenomenon of trolling: understanding the discourse and social practices of online provocation
Vlad Demsar, Jan Brace-Govan, Gavin Jack & Sean Sands [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A typology of personalisation practices in marketing in the digital age
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How social media influencers affect behavioural intentions towards recommended brands: the role of emotional attachment and information value
Raquel Sánchez-Fernández & David Jiménez-Castillo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Connecting consumers to producers to foster sustainable consumption in international coffee supply – a marketing intervention study |
Hanna Weber, David D. Loschelder, Daniel J. Lang & Arnim Wiek [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Scepticism of food labelling versus food advertising: a replication and extension
Debra Jones Ringold [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Seller information sharing in online marketplaces
Li Chen & Fengxia Zhu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pricing in online fashion retailing: implications for research and practice |
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