Cognition and Economic Behavior


Special issue of the Journal of Economic Psychology; Deadline 31 Jul 2022

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Author: ELMAR Moderator

Call for papers

Title: Cognition and Economic Behavior
Submission deadline: July 31, 2022
Journal: Journal of Economic Psychology

Over the past years, economists and psychologists have become increasingly interested in understanding the role of cognition for economic decision-making. In a variety of decision contexts, from prosocial to intertemporal, risky, and strategic decision-making, this current line of research no longer focuses only on decision outcomes, but also on the cognitive antecedents and mechanisms underlying economic behavior. Borrowing established methods and models from psychology and relying on evidence from laboratory and online experiments, this cognition-oriented research is on the rise. However, a more in-depth integration of assumptions about cognitive processes and of empirical process results into theories of economic decision-making is still largely missing.

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