J Bus Bus Mar


Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, 28(2)


Business-to-Business Marketing in the Light of the Evolution of the Business Environment
Nektarios Tzempelikos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Influence of B to B Firms Use of Multiple Social Media Platforms on Relationship Sales Performance: An Institutional Perspective
Kaouther Kooli, Nektarios Tzempelikos & Mohamad Yassine Hammouda [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

B to B firms’ motivation to become members of digital platforms: the case of crowd UK
Sina Ruhland, Kaouther Kooli & Len Tiu Wright [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation in Key Account Management: Identification of Research Trends and Knowledge Gaps
Christian Lautenschlager & Nektarios Tzempelikos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of the Negotiators’ Personality and Socio-Demographic Factors on Their Perception of Unethical Negotiation Tactics
Hamida Skandrani, Lilia Fessi & Riadh Ladhari [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reciprocating Business Model Innovation – How Client and Supplier Models Interact
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Developments in B to B and B to C Marketing and Sales Automation Systems
Merlin Stone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]