IPBA 2021


International Place Branding Association, Barcelona, 8-10 Dec 2021


Author: Robert Govers

The Fifth IPBA Conference (Barcelona, December 8-10,


will proudly host the following keynote speakers LIVE:

Profiles of Keynote Speakers for IPBA 2021

Cecilia Pasquinelli on “Place Branding and the Challenge of Temporariness”

Cecilia is a lecturer in Brand Management and Destination Management at the Department of Management and Quantitative Studies, University of Naples Parthenope, Italy. She previously worked in the GSSI Cities, at Gran Sasso Science Institute in L’Aquila, Italy and in the Department of Social and Economic Geography at Uppsala University, Sweden. She has experience as a consultant on place marketing and foreign direct investment promotion. She is Associate Editor of the Journal of Place Management and Development.

Daniel Valverde Bagnarello on “Place Brands and Corporate Brands: Essential COSTA RICA’s symbiotic approach”

Daniel is the “essential COSTA RICA” nation brand director and has been appointed president of the Ibero American Country Brands Council. He has collected the Place Brand of the Year Award at the 2019 City Nation Place Global Conference in London and the Branding Award at the 2020 Place Marketing Forum in Marseille. Daniel is also a Ph.D. candidate in Place Branding Communication and has built a career in the creative application of commercial management and the development of local brands for international audiences.

Juan Carlos Belloso on “The Image of Places: Stories from a Place Brand Consultant”

Juan Carlos is a renowned international expert with more than 20 years of relevant experience in the fields of development, branding and promotion of places and destinations, where innovation, culture and creativity play a major role. He has been, for many years, advisor to the City Council of Barcelona and has provided advisory and consulting services to many cities, regions, countries and destinations as well as other organisations worldwide.

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