J Intl Bus Studies


Journal of International Business Studies, 52(7)




Universal research ethics and international business studies
Denis G. Arnold [Google Scholar]

Leviathan as foreign investor: Geopolitics and sovereign wealth funds
Di Wang, Robert J. Weiner, Quan Li, Srividya Jandhyala [Google Scholar]

Positive institutional changes through peace: The relative effects of peace agreements and non-market capabilities on FDI
João Albino-Pimentel, Jennifer Oetzel, Chang Hoon Oh, Nicholas A. Poggioli [Google Scholar]

Sister cities, cross-national FDI, and the subnational FDI location decision
Tianyou Hu, Siddharth Natarajan, Andrew Delios [Google Scholar]

Whither geographic proximity? Bypassing local R&D units in foreign university collaboration
René Belderbos, Marcelina Grabowska, Stijn Kelchtermans, Bart Leten, Jojo Jacob, Massimo Riccaboni [Google Scholar]

Best of both worlds: How embeddedness fit in the host unit and the headquarters improve repatriate knowledge transfer
Fabian Jintae Froese, Sebastian Stoermer, B Sebastian Reiche, Sebastian Klar [Google Scholar]

MNE host-country alliance network position and post-entry establishment mode choice
Yue Zhao, Ronaldo Parente, Stav Fainshmidt, Steven Carnovale [Google Scholar]

The declining share of primary data and the neglect of the individual level in international business research
Jelena Cerar, Phillip C. Nell, B. Sebastian Reiche [Google Scholar]

Internationalization of the firm: A discourse-based view
Len J Treviño, Jonathan P Doh [Google Scholar]

Trevino and Doh’s discourse-based view: Do we need a new theory of internationalization?
Joshua K Ault, Aloysius Newenham-Kahindi, Sanjay Patnaik [Google Scholar]

Complementing the Uppsala model? A commentary on Treviño and Doh’s paper “Internationalization of the firm: A discourse-based view”
Mats Forsgren, Ulf Holm [Google Scholar]

The death of the Uppsala school: Towards a discourse-based paradigm?
Lars Håkanson [Google Scholar]

Book review

Research handbook of global leadership: Making a difference
B. Sebastian Reiche [Google Scholar]