J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 36(7)



ERIP: service quality model of management consulting projects
Zoltan Veres, Katalin Varga-Toldi [Google Scholar]

The role of brand representatives in predicting trust in early buyer–supplier relationships
Zahra Seyedghorban, Dayna Simpson, Margaret Jekanyika Matanda [Google Scholar]

Beyond first or late mover advantages: timed mover advantage
Frank Tian Xie, Naveen Donthu, Wesley J. Johnston [Google Scholar]

Perspective-taking and cooperation in customer–supplier relationships
Albert Caruana, Saviour Chircop, Jirka Konietzny [Google Scholar]

Solution business fitness: measuring and managing across business logics
Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Suvi Nenonen, Sascha Raithel, Kaj Storbacka [Google Scholar]

Digitalization of the buyer–seller relationship in the steel industry
Jari Salo, Teck Ming Tan, Hannu Makkonen [Google Scholar]

Size effect and merger dominance in salesforce integration
Joon-Hee Oh [Google Scholar]

The dark side of effectuation in a key account management relationship
Phillip McGowan, Chris Simms, David Pickernell, Konstantios Zisakis [Google Scholar]

Linking supplier selection and management strategies with mass customization capability
Inayat Ullah, Rakesh Narain [Google Scholar]

Brand outcomes in sales channel relationships: a guanxi theory perspective
Weidong Rong, Mark J. Arnold, Brad D. Carlson [Google Scholar]

Incorporating data quality into a multi-product procurement planning under risk
Fereshte Shabani-Naeeni, R. Ghasemy Yaghin [Google Scholar]

Development of dyadic relationships between competitors within multi-actor alliances
Jose Novais Santos, Cristina Sales Baptista [Google Scholar]