J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 172(2)



From ‘Whodunit’ to ‘How’: Detective Stories and Auditability in Qualitative Business Ethics Research
Lakshmi Balachandran Nair [Google Scholar]

On the Ethics of Psychometric Instruments Used in Leadership Development Programmes
Suze Wilson, Hugh Lee, Jackie Ford, Nancy Harding [Google Scholar]

Responding to Diffused Stakeholders on Social Media: Connective Power and Firm Reactions to CSR-Related Twitter Messages
Gregory D. Saxton, Charlotte Ren, Chao Guo [Google Scholar]

Do Corporate Social Responsibility Reports Convey Value Relevant Information? Evidence from Report Readability and Tone
Shuili Du, Kun Yu [Google Scholar]

Processing Contradictory CSR Information: The Influence of Primacy and Recency Effects on the Consumer-Firm Relationship
Michael C. Peasley, Parker J. Woodroof, Joshua T. Coleman [Google Scholar]

Ethical Consumption Communities Across Physical and Digital Spaces: An Exploration of Their Complementary and Synergistic Affordances
Vera Hoelscher, Andreas Chatzidakis [Google Scholar]

Analogical Encoding Fosters Ethical Decision Making Because Improved Knowledge of Ethical Principles Increases Moral Awareness
Jihyeon Kim, Jeffrey Loewenstein [Google Scholar]

Responsible Firm Behaviour in Political Markets: Judging the Ethicality of Corporate Political Activity in Weak Institutional Environments
Tahiru Azaaviele Liedong [Google Scholar]

Do National Cultures Matter for External Audits? Evidence from Eastern Europe and the Middle East
Boubacar Diallo [Google Scholar]

Price? Quality? Or Sustainability? Segmenting by Disposition Toward Self-other Tradeoffs Predicts Consumers’ Sustainable Decision-Making
Spencer M. Ross, George R. Milne [Google Scholar]

Two Wrongs Make a ‘Right’? Exploring the Ethical Calculus of Earnings Management Before Large Labor Dismissals
Ionela Andreicovici, Nava Cohen, Silvia Ferramosca, Alessandro Ghio [Google Scholar]