J Services Mar


Journal of Services Marketing, 35(4)



Promoting customer engagement in service settings through identification
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Industry 4.0 in services: challenges and opportunities for value co-creation
Andrei Bonamigo, Camila GuimarĂ£es Frech [Google Scholar]

A cognitive social capital explanation of service separation distress
Sigi Goode [Google Scholar]

An exploration of the drivers of employee motivation to facilitate value co-creation
Donia Waseem, Sergio Biggemann, Tony Garry [Google Scholar]

A typology of conspicuous donation on Facebook
Elaine Wallace, Isabel Buil [Google Scholar]

The effect of mindfulness on service encounter quality
Emma Junhong Wang, Pierre R. Berthon, Nada Nasr Bechwati [Google Scholar]

Exploring regulatory fit between service relationships and appeals in co-production
Shihao Li, Yanghong Hu, Lan Xu, Guoqun Fu [Google Scholar]

Meeting of the minds: research priorities for value co-creation in dialogical conferences
Joy Parkinson, Janet Davey [Google Scholar]

Transforming the role of frontline service employees for cross-selling
HsiuJu Rebecca Yen, Paul Jen-Hwa Hu, Yi-Chun Liao [Google Scholar]

Activity apprehension in experiential purchases
Chadwick J. Miller, Adriana Samper, Naomi Mandel, Daniel C. Brannon, Jim Salas, Martha Troncoza [Google Scholar]