J Revenue Pricing Man


Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 20(4)



Special issue editorial: “Organizing for pricing excellence”
Stephan M. Liozu, Andreas Hinterhuber [Google Scholar]

The adoption of pricing from an organizational perspective and its impact on relative firm performance
Stephan M. Liozu [Google Scholar]

Value first, then price: the new paradigm of B2B buying and selling
Andreas Hinterhuber, Todd C. Snelgrove, Bo-Inge Stensson [Google Scholar]

Factors that contribute to managers becoming engaged in unintentional price war
Rick Cardot, Dick Boland, Stephan M. Liozu [Google Scholar]

Configurational theory and practices of firms employing multiple pricing policies: assessing effective and ineffective pricing recipes in multiple firm contexts
Stephan M. Liozu, Sven Feurer, Andreas Hinterhuber, Arch Woodside [Google Scholar]

Online reviews and travel magazine awards: their influence on willingness-to-pay
Amanda Belarmino, Tevfik Demirciftci, Liheng Zhang [Google Scholar]

Determining the optimal group rate in the hotel industry
Yunmei Bai, Chun-Hung Tang [Google Scholar]

Sustainability of airlines in India with Covid-19: Challenges ahead and possible way-outs
Anshu Agrawal [Google Scholar]

The age of intelligent retailing: personalized offers in travel for a segment of ONE
B. Vinod [Google Scholar]

A fuzzy logic-based approach for progressive pricing of freshwater in Jordan
Ghada Altarawneh [Google Scholar]

The influence of revenue management and inventory control on air shopping
B. Vinod [Google Scholar]

Individual differences in the susceptibility of biases relevant in price management: a state-of-the-art article
Dominic Bergers [Google Scholar]