Ann Rev Soc


Annual Review of Sociology, 47


From Physics to Russian Studies and on into China Research: My Meandering Journey Toward Sociology
Martin King Whyte [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Living Sociology: On Being in the World One Studies
Michael Burawoy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethnography, Data Transparency, and the Information Age
Alexandra K. Murphy, Colin Jerolmack, and DeAnna Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rethinking Culture and Cognition
Karen A. Cerulo, Vanina Leschziner, and Hana Shepherd [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Influence of Simmel on American Sociology Since 1975
Miloš Broćić and Daniel Silver [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Whatever Happened to Socialization?
Jeffrey Guhin, Jessica McCrory Calarco, and Cynthia Miller-Idriss [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Retrospective on Fundamental Cause Theory: State of the Literature and Goals for the Future
Sean A.P. Clouston and Bruce G. Link [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Sociology of Emotions in Latin America
Marina Ariza [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Negative Social Ties: Prevalence and Consequences
Shira Offer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The (Un)Managed Heart: Racial Contours of Emotion Work in Gendered Occupations
Adia Harvey Wingfield [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Society of Algorithms
Jenna Burrell and Marion Fourcade [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trust in Social Relations
Oliver Schilke, Martin Reimann, and Karen S. Cook [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New Directions in the Study of Institutional Logics: From Tools to Phenomena
Michael Lounsbury, Christopher W.J. Steele, Milo Shaoqing Wang, and Madeline Toubiana [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Civil Rights Revolution at Work: What Went Wrong
Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

University Governance in Meso and Macro Perspectives
Christine Musselin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Populism Studies: The Case for Theoretical and Comparative Reconstruction
Cihan Tuğal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Recent Trends in Global Economic Inequality
Ho-fung Hung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Sharing Economy: Rhetoric and Reality
Juliet B. Schor and Steven P. Vallas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comparative Perspectives on Racial Discrimination in Hiring: The Rise of Field Experiments
Lincoln Quillian and Arnfinn H. Midtbøen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gender, Power, and Harassment: Sociology in the #MeToo Era
Abigail C. Saguy and Mallory E. Rees [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Black Men and Black Masculinity
Alford A. Young Jr. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The “Burden” of Oppositional Culture Among Black Youth in America
Karolyn Tyson and Amanda E. Lewis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New Destinations and the Changing Geography of Immigrant Incorporation
Chenoa A. Flippen and Dylan Farrell-Bryan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Inequality and the Future of US Life Expectancy
Iliya Gutin and Robert A. Hummer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Markets Everywhere: The Washington Consensus and the Sociology of Global Institutional Change
Sarah Babb and Alexander Kentikelenis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Women’s Health in the Era of Mass Incarceration
Christopher Wildeman and Hedwig Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Issues in Contemporary Russia: Women’s Rights, Corruption, and Immigration Through Three Sociological Lenses
Marina Zaloznaya and Theodore P. Gerber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Social and Sociological Consequences of China’s One-Child Policy
Yong Cai and Wang Feng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

La Sociología de las Emociones en América Latina
Marina Ariza [Publisher] [Google Scholar]