J Con Behaviour


Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 20(4)



Contemporary Personality Perspectives in Consumer Behaviour


Introduction to special issue on contemporary personality perspectives in consumer behaviour
Nina Michaelidou, Nikoletta-Theofania Siamagka [Google Scholar]


Nonprofit organization advertising on social media: The role of personality, advertising appeals, and bandwagon effects
Hayoung Sally Lim, Lindsay Bouchacourt, Natalie Brown-Devlin [Google Scholar]

Consumer personality factors and iPhone consumption in China
Gong Sun, Jie Li, Zhiming Cheng, Steven D’Alessandro, Lester Johnson [Google Scholar]

Getting some of that personality: There is an app for that!
Sally Rao Hill, Francois Carrillat [Google Scholar]

New rules of social media shopping: Personality differences of U.S. Gen Z versus Gen X market mavens
Deborah Goldring, Carol Azab [Google Scholar]

Reaching the price conscious consumer: The impact of personality, generational cohort and social media use
Jacqueline K. Eastman, Rajesh Iyer, Kevin L. Eastman, Sianne Gordon-Wilson, Pratik Modi [Google Scholar]

The hoarder, the oniomaniac and the fashionista in me: A life histories perspective on self‐concept and consumption practices
Panayiota Alevizou, Claudia E. Henninger, Jennifer Stokoe, Ranis Cheng [Google Scholar]

A superiority–inferiority hypothesis on disparagement humor: The role of disposition toward ridicule
Leonidas Hatzithomas, Maria C. Voutsa, Christina Boutsouki, Yorgos Zotos [Google Scholar]

Sociability and interdependent self‐construal on consumer choice for group: A moderated mediation model
Zhen Li, Soochan Choi, Jeffrey Yi-Lin Forrest [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ self‐construal: Measurement and relevance for social media communication success
Verena Hofmann, Lisa Marie Schwayer, Nicola E. Stokburger-Sauer, Anna Teresa Wanisch [Google Scholar]

Consumption coping with ageing: Individual factors underlying the use of anti‐ageing products
Gordy Pleyers, Nicolas Vermeulen [Google Scholar]

Do buyer–seller personality similarities impact compulsive buying behaviour?
Fayaz Ali, Muhammad Z. Tauni, Ayaz Ali, Tanveer Ahsan [Google Scholar]