J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 172(1)



Sustainability Beyond Instrumentality: Towards an Immanent Ethics of Organizational Environmentalism
Christian Garmann Johnsen [Google Scholar]

Between Morals and Markets? An Interdisciplinary Conceptual Framework for Studying Working Conditions at Catholic Social Service Providers in Belgium and Germany
Nadja Doerflinger, Dries Bosschaert, Adeline Otto, Tim Opgenhaffen, Lander Vermeerbergen [Google Scholar]

In Adam Smith’s Own Words: The Role of Virtues in the Relationship Between Free Market Economies and Societal Flourishing, A Semantic Network Data-Mining Approach
Johan Graafland, Thomas R. Wells [Google Scholar]

A Pyramid of Hate Perspective on Religious Bias, Discrimination and Violence
Jawad Syed, Faiza Ali [Google Scholar]

When Blame-Giving Crisis Communications are Persuasive: A Dual-Influence Model and Its Boundary Conditions
Paolo Antonetti, Ilaria Baghi [Google Scholar]

Justice Climate and Workgroup Outcomes: The Role of Coworker Fair Behavior and Workgroup Structure
Maureen L. Ambrose, Darryl B. Rice, David M. Mayer [Google Scholar]

The Association Between Vertical Equity and Presidential Voting Behavior and Taxpayers’ Compliance
Jonathan Farrar, Dawn W. Massey, Errol Osecki, Linda Thorne [Google Scholar]

Do Corporate Frauds Distort Suppliers’ Investment Decisions?
Cheng Yin, Xin Cheng, Yinan Yang, Dan Palmon [Google Scholar]

Doing Good While Behaving Badly: Checkout Charity Process Mechanisms
Michael Giebelhausen, Benjamin Lawrence, HaeEun Helen Chun [Google Scholar]

Stakeholder Perceptions of Risk in Mandatory Corporate Responsibility Disclosure
Lisa Baudot, Zhongwei Huang, Dana Wallace [Google Scholar]

Behavioral Integrity: Examining the Effects of Trust Velocity and Psychological Contract Breach
Gretchen R. Vogelgesang, Craig Crossley, Tony Simons, Bruce J. Avolio [Google Scholar]

Book Review

Review of Honorable Business: A Framework for Business in a Just and Humane Society by James R. Otteson
Gregory J. Robson [Google Scholar]