J Res Interactive Mar


Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, 15(3)



How interactivity and vividness influence consumer virtual reality shopping experience: the mediating role of telepresence
Jung-Hwan Kim, Minjeong Kim, Minjung Park, Jungmin Yoo [Google Scholar]

Should I suggest this YouTube clip? The impact of UGC source credibility on eWOM and purchase intention
Mazzini Muda, Muhammad Iskandar Hamzah [Google Scholar]

The impact of Internet celebrity characteristics on followers’ impulse purchase behavior: the mediation of attachment and parasocial interaction
Tser Yieth Chen, Tsai Lien Yeh, Fang Yu Lee [Google Scholar]

Reading between the lines: untwining online user-generated content using sentiment analysis
Gowhar Rasool, Anjali Pathania [Google Scholar]

How chatbots’ social presence communication enhances consumer engagement: the mediating role of parasocial interaction and dialogue
Wan-Hsiu Sunny Tsai, Yu Liu, Ching-Hua Chuan [Google Scholar]

Conversation, storytelling, or consumer interaction and participation? The impact of brand-owned social media content marketing on consumers’ brand perceptions and attitudes
Ai-Zhong He, Yi Cai, Ling Cai, Yu Zhang [Google Scholar]

4W of user-generated content: why who we are and where we post influence what we post
Kemal Cem Soylemez [Google Scholar]

Augmenting brand community identification for inactive users: a uses and gratification perspective
Laurence Dessart, Cleopatra Veloutsou [Google Scholar]