Intl J Retail Dist Man


International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 49(7)


Special issue: Transforming Retail Channels in the Digital Era: Marketing and Operations Perspectives

A model of adoption of AR-based self-service technologies: a two country comparison
Maria Jose Castillo S, Enrique Bigne [Google Scholar]

“Testing the water” – prior-online market entry in China
Sina Hardaker, Ling Zhang [Google Scholar]

Data-driven digital advertising: benefits and risks of online behavioral advertising
Simone Aiolfi, Silvia Bellini, Davide Pellegrini [Google Scholar]

Exploring how digital kiosk customer experience enhances shopping value, self-mental imagery and behavioral responses
Aurély Lao, Mariana Vlad, Annabel Martin [Google Scholar]

Perceived authenticity of online-only brands (OOBs): a quali-quantitative study with online consumers
Kokho Jason Sit, Giovanni Pino, Marco Pichierri [Google Scholar]

Spatial decision support for social hybrid organizations: siting new social supermarkets in Austria
Eva Lienbacher, Julia Koschinsky, Christina Holweg, Christine Vallaster [Google Scholar]

Value co-creation between consumers and distributors: the moderating effect of relationship characteristics
Natalia Rubio, Nieves Villaseñor, Maria Jesús Yagüe [Google Scholar]

Comparing relationship of quality-satisfaction models: effects of B2B value co-creation
Vicente Sales-Vivó, Irene Gil-Saura, Martina G. Gallarza [Google Scholar]

Artificial intelligence in retail: applications and value creation logics
Lanlan Cao [Google Scholar]

Engaging shoppers through mobile apps: the role of gamification
Francesca De Canio, Maria Fuentes-Blasco, Elisa Martinelli [Google Scholar]

Ease or excitement? Exploring how concept stores contribute to a retail portfolio
Carys Jane Egan-Wyer, Steve Burt, Jens Hultman, Ulf Johansson, Alice Beckman, Clara Michélsen [Google Scholar]

The franchisor–franchisee relationship and customer data management in the digital era
Hanene Oueslati, Martine Deparis, Saloua Bennaghmouch-Maire [Google Scholar]

At the source of integrated interactions across channels
Christophe Bèzes [Google Scholar]

Guest editorial
Marta Frasquet, Xavier Brusset, Herbert Kotzab, Christoph Teller [Google Scholar]

In or out? A field observational study on the placement of entertaining robots in retailing
Laurens De Gauquier, Malaika Brengman, Kim Willems, Hoang-Long Cao, Bram Vanderborght [Google Scholar]