Luxury Res J


Luxury Research Journal, 2(1/2)


Multisensory marketing in the luxury hotel industry: effects on brand experience and customer perceived value
Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Janina Haase, Franziska Labenz and Nadine Hennigs [Google Scholar]

Quality management in the Italian luxury industry: an empirical investigation on cashmere
Alessandro Brun and Chiara Lideo [Google Scholar]

The rise of inconspicuous consumption: insight into the luxury context
Lama Halwani [Google Scholar]

Cross cultural analysis of purchasers’ intention to wear a counterfeit luxury product in varying social situations
George Miaoulis Jr., Ivan M. Manev, Martina M. Rauch and Kelly G. Kimball [Google Scholar]

Segmentation proposal of counterfeit luxury consumers regarding the purchase intention
Sahar Farhat and Amel Chaabouni [Google Scholar]

Growing luxury brands by increasing the price: does the Veblen effect exist?
Martin Fassnacht and Jil-Marie Dahm [Google Scholar]

Are luxury and fashion opposite concepts? A cross-country empirical analysis
Jean-Noël Kapferer and Pierre Valette-Florence [Google Scholar]