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Journal of Marketing Education, 43(2)


Editor’s Corner

The Award Winning Academic Performer
Victoria L. Crittenden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Journal of Marketing Education: A Retrospective Overview Between 1979 and 2019
Naveen Donthu, Satish Kumar, Adam Mills, and Debidutta Pattnaik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learning Marketing Online: The Role of Social Interactions and Gamification Rewards
Vytautas Dikcius, Sigitas Urbonavicius, Karina Adomaviciute, Mindaugas Degutis, and Ignas Zimaitis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Self-Directed Learning Online: An Opportunity to Binge
Kathryn A. LaTour and Hayden N. Noel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Industry Certifications in Digital Marketing and Media Education: An Examination of Perceptions and Use Among Educators
Scott Cowley, William Humphrey, Jr., and Caroline Muñoz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Future Proof and Real-World Ready: The Role of Live Project-Based Learning in Students’ Skill Development
Andrew J. Rohm, Matt Stefl, and Noriko Ward [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Thank You for Being a Friend: A Peer-Learning Approach to Marketing Education
Matthew M. Lastner, Duleep Delpechitre, Emily A. Goad, and James “Mick” Andzulis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Students’ Preferences-Based Approach to Select Methods for Detecting and Handling Free-Riding
Else-Marie van den Herik and Tim M. Benning [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changing Perceptions of Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility in Principles of Marketing
Christopher D. Hopkins, O. C. Ferrell, Linda Ferrell, and Karen H. Hopkins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pandemic Pedagogy for the New Normal: Fostering Perceived Control During COVID-19
Cindy B. Rippé, Suri Weisfeld-Spolter, Yuliya Yurova, and April Kemp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]