Innovations in Online Teaching


New Teaching Modalities in Marketing and Retailing Courses/Curriculum – the COVID Imperative, Special issue of the Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education; Deadline now 1 Sep 2021


Author: Pallab Paul

JAME Special Issue Call for Papers

“Innovations in Online Teaching/New Teaching Modalities in Marketing and Retailing Courses/Curriculum – the COVID Imperative”

Submission Deadline extended to September 1, 2021

Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education Call for Papers Special Issue for Fall 2021 Special Issue – Innovations in Online Teaching/New Teaching Modalities in Marketing and Retailing Courses/Curriculum – the COVID Imperative Guest Editors: Patrali Chatterjee, Montclair State University, Archana Kumar, Montclair State University, Submission Deadline: September 1, 2021Spring 2020 was a semester, unlike others, due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Instructors’ visions for the semester upended; they had to quickly pivot to online teaching modes within a short time frame. Fall 2020 was no different and was, in fact, a more challenging semester as instructors effectuated to deliver their courses not just in online modes but in a plethora of new modalities to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders. Terminologies such as hyflex and Zoom live-streaming became the new normal. Instructors had to teach in-person students while simultaneously engaging live-remote students. Instructors had to develop several creative ways to offer an immersive experience for students opting for synchronous and asynchronous online classes. These are a few examples of how instructors innovated their existing teaching modes or learn to teach in completely new teaching modes. Acknowledging this rapid transformation of teaching modalities, this JAME special issue focuses on the pedagogical aspects of innovations in online teaching/new teaching modalities in marketing and retailing academia. Papers documenting empirical evidence and innovations statistically validated will be given preference. Papers documenting any of the following topics before the pandemic are also welcome. The topics of interest for this special issue could include (but not limited to) the following in the context of marketing/retailing courses:

  • Creative approaches to marketing/retailing courses in response to the changes caused by thepandemic
  • Active and adaptive learning techniques
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of asynchronous and synchronous online courses
  • Use of technology to enhance remote class sessions
  • Use of simulations to enhance course learning goals
  • Curriculum innovation in response to the changes necessitated due to the pandemic
  • Transforming the internship experience during the pandemic
  • Transforming consulting experiences for students during the pandemic
  • Accommodating students with varying and diverse needs in order to level the playing field for such students

Please contact the guest editors with any questions. The following outline will assist authors in preparing a manuscript.

  1. Clearly state the problem the innovation intends to address.
  2. Explain how the problem relates to addressing the challenges caused due to the pandemic or helped pivot more effectively.
  3. Outline the innovation:
    1. How did the innovation help the instructor and students achieve success during the disruption caused due to the pandemic?
    2. What knowledge or skills did the instructor want the students to know or have after this innovation?
    3. Specify any pedagogical theory, framework or process used to deliver the knowledge or skills, including time and resources.
    4. What materials did the instructor provide to the students? Provide samples where possible.
    5. If a new curriculum was successfully developed, provide challenges faced and their resolution.
  4. Explain how the innovation solves the problem and equips students for the transformed marketing and retail environment.
  5. Report assessment results of the innovations’ effectiveness in addressing the problem.
  6. Summarize challenges or concerns encountered when using the innovation and how an instructor might deal with them.
  7. Comment on the adaptability of the innovation for other marketing/retailing courses.

Submission Guidelines – Please follow the submission guidelines as stated in Email your final manuscript to both the Special Issue Editors ( and