Asia Pac J Mar Logistics


Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 33(6)


Guest editorial
Park Thaichon, James R. Brown, Scott Weaven

E-commerce brand
Weisheng Chiu, Heetae Cho [Google Scholar]

Leveraging the technology acceptance model for mobile commerce adoption under distinct stages of adoption
Tanikan Pipitwanichakarn, Nittaya Wongtada [Google Scholar]

Determinants of Tier 2 Indian consumer’s online shopping attitude: a SEM approach
Anupriya Kaur, Preeti Thakur [Google Scholar]

E¬commerce structures for retail and service franchises
Zhanna Kremez, Lorelle Frazer, Scott Weaven, Sara Quach [Google Scholar]

Toward a supply chain risk identification and filtering framework using systems theory
Jianrong Hou, Xiaofeng Zhao [Google Scholar]

Solo economy in Taiwan: a quality study of click-and-mortar malls
Chih-Chin Liang [Google Scholar]

The effects of integrated information & service, institutional mechanism and need for cognition (NFC) on consumer omnichannel adoption behavior
Joonyong Park, Renee Boyoung Kim [Google Scholar]

Exploration of patriotic brand image: its antecedents and impacts on purchase intentions
Yufan Li, Weichen Teng, Tien-Tien Liao, Tom M.Y. Lin [Google Scholar]

Effects of parasocial interaction, brand credibility and product involvement on celebrity endorsement on microblog
Wanqi Gong [Google Scholar]

Trust transfer and the intention to use app-enabled carpooling service
Minhua Wu, Stern Neill [Google Scholar]