J Mar Theory Prac


Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 29(3)


Salesperson socialization to the consumption of organizationally provided support services: differences between high- and low-performing salespeople
Simona Stan, Todd J. Arnold, Gregory McAmis & Kenneth R. Evans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A road less traveled in nostalgia marketing: impact of spiritual well-being on effects of nostalgic advertisements
Ramendra Singh, Yukti Sharma & Jitender Kumar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Don’t buy” or “do not buy”? How negation style in online reviews influences consumer product evaluations
Soyoung Kim, Sarah G. Moore & Kyle Murray [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer confusion in healthcare decision-making and choice: a qualitative exploration of patient confusion
Vishakha Chauhan & Mahim Sagar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

After-service gifts: evaluating how presence, context and value impact customer satisfaction and customer delight
Donald C. Barnes, Tobias Kraemer, Matthias H. J. Gouthier, Nadine Ludwig & Andreas Giese [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Decisions, decisions: variations in decision-making for access-based consumption
Stephanie J. Lawson, Mark R. Gleim & Michael D. Hartline [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding the effectiveness of social influence appeals in charitable giving: the roles of affinity with the cause, and past giving behavior
Ana Minguez & F. Javier Sese [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Performance implications of marketing agreement, cooperation, and control in franchising
Joseph M. Matthes, Amit Saini & Vivek K. Dubey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]