Kotler Birthday eBook


Kotler 90th Birthday Commemorative Ebook


This week’s AMA membership perk may be of particular interest to you! It will feature an ebook curated in celebration of Phil Kotler’s 90th birthday. This teaching resource includes some recent Marketing News articles and some of Kotler’s seminal works published over the years. If you’re an AMA member, look for the Weekly Perk email with your copy on Monday, June 28. And watch for more of these popular weekly member perks in your email! Marketing News, now published digitally four times a year, is coming soon.

The Life in Marketing: With Philip Kotler, the Father of Marketing

An Introduction to Philip Kotler
Russ Klein

The Friendship that Changed Marketing Forever
Hal Conick

Philip Kotler, the Father of Modern Marketing, Will Never Retire
Hal Conick

Reinventing Marketing to Manage the Environmental Imperative
Philip Kotler

The Role Played by the Broadening of Marketing Movement in the History of Marketing Thought
Philip Kotler

The Marketing of Social Causes: The First 10 Years
Karen F.A. Fox and Philip Kotler

Marketing During Periods of Shortage
Philip Kotler

Social Marketing: An Approach to Planned
Social Change
Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman

The Major Tasks of Marketing Management
Philip Kotler

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