J Retailing


Journal of Retailing, 97(2)



Showcasing the Diversity of the Journal of Retailing Publications and Celebrating the Davidson Award Winners
Anne L. Roggeveen, Raj Sethuraman [Google Scholar]

Going Online for Groceries: Drivers of Category-Level Share of Wallet Expansion
Katia Campo, Lien Lamey, Els Breugelmans, Kristina Melis [Google Scholar]

How Do Social Norms Influence Parents’ Food Choices for Their Children? The Role of Social Comparison and Implicit Self-Theories
Jens Hogreve, Shashi Matta, Alexander S. Hettich, Rebecca Walker Reczek [Google Scholar]

Picking Gifts for Picky People
Andong Cheng, Margaret G. Meloy, Evan Polman [Google Scholar]

How Do Customers Alter Their Basket Composition When They Perceive the Retail Store to Be Crowded? An Empirical Study
Aylin Aydinli, Lien Lamey, Kobe Millet, Anne ter Braak, Maya Vuegen [Google Scholar]

Drown or Blossom? The Impact of Perceived Chronic Time Pressure on Retail Salespeople’s Performance and Customer–Salesperson Relationships
Hanaa Ryari, Sascha Alavi, Jan Wieseke [Google Scholar]

Expertise Makes Perfect: How the Variance of a Reviewer’s Historical Ratings Influences the Persuasiveness of Online Reviews
Xiaoyue Wu, Liyin Jin, Qian Xu [Google Scholar]

Intermediate Choice Lists: How Product Attributes Influence Purchase Likelihood in a Self-Imposed Delay
Deidre Popovich, Ryan Hamilton [Google Scholar]

The Cosmopolitan Servicescape
Bernardo Figueiredo, Hanne Pico Larsen, Jonathan Bean [Google Scholar]

The Power of Consequential Product Sounds
Christine Ringler, Nancy J. Sirianni, Brett Christenson [Google Scholar]

Children’s Perceived Value: Conceptualization, Scale Development, and Validation
Janine Williams, Aaron Gazley, Nicholas Ashill [Google Scholar]