Intl J Res Mar


International Journal of Research in Marketing, 38(2)


Online display advertising for CPG brands: (When) does it work?
Bernadette J. van Ewijk, Astrid Stubbe, Els Gijsbrechts, Marnik G. Dekimpe [Google Scholar]

Omnichannel marketing: Are cross-channel effects symmetric?
Venkatesh Shankar, Tarun Kushwaha [Google Scholar]

Acquiring customers through online marketplaces? The effect of marketplace sales on sales in a retailer’s own channels
Erik Maier, Jaap Wieringa [Google Scholar]

The existence and persistence of the pay-per-use bias in car sharing services
Katharina Dowling, Puneet Manchanda, Martin Spann [Google Scholar]

Content analysis of fake consumer reviews by survey-based text categorization
Sangkil Moon, Moon-Yong Kim, Dawn Iacobucci [Google Scholar]

Cents of self: How and when self-signals influence consumer value derived from choices of green products
Darcie Dixon, Sven Mikolon [Google Scholar]

Special Section: Engagement-facilitating technology and stakeholder wellbeing

Consumers’ technology-facilitated brand engagement and wellbeing: Positivist TAM/PERMA- vs. Consumer Culture Theory perspectives
Linda D. Hollebeek, Russell Belk [Google Scholar]

Developing firms’ growth approaches as a multidimensional decision to enhance key stakeholders’ wellbeing
V. Kumar, Divya Ramachandran [Google Scholar]

The smarter, the better?! Customer well-being, engagement, and perceptions in smart service systems
Bieke Henkens, Katrien Verleye, Bart Larivière [Google Scholar]

Engagement behavior and financial well-being: The effect of message framing in online pension communication
Wiebke Eberhardt, Elisabeth Brüggen, Thomas Post, Chantal Hoet [Google Scholar]

Competition versus cooperation: How technology-facilitated social interdependence initiates the self-improvement chain
Tobias Wolf, Steffen Jahn, Maik Hammerschmidt, Welf H. Weiger [Google Scholar]

Customer engagement in online social crowdfunding: The influence of storytelling technique on donation performance
Nurlita Devian Robiady, Nila Armelia Windasari, Arfenia Nita [Google Scholar]

Impact of patient portal behavioral engagement on subsistence consumers’ wellbeing
Husain Salilul Akareem, Ahmed Shahriar Ferdous, Mikala Todd [Google Scholar]

Vulnerable consumer engagement: How corporate social media can facilitate the replenishment of depleted resources
Judith Fletcher-Brown, Sarah Turnbull, Giampaolo Viglia, Tom Chen, Vijay Pereira [Google Scholar]