Journal of Marketing News, June 2021


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Author: Christine Moorman

Journal of Marketing News, June 2021

July 7, 2021 Journal of Marketing Webinar, 1PM Eastern

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  • Joseph C. Nunes, Andrea Ordanini, Gaia Giambastiani, “The Concept of Authenticity: What It Means to Consumers,” Journal of Marketing, 85 (4), 1-20.
  • Boas Bamberger, Christian Homburg, Dominik M. Wielgos, “Wage Inequality: Its Impact on Customer Satisfaction and Firm Performance,”


July 2021 Issue, Journal of Marketing

The Concept of Authenticity: What It Means to Consumers
Joseph C. Nunes, Andrea Ordanini, Gaia Giambastiani

Real-Time Brand Reputation Tracking Using Social Media
Roland T. Rust, William Rand, Ming-Hui Huang, Andrew T. Stephen, Gillian Brooks, Timur Chabuk

Visual Elicitation of Brand Perception
Daria Dzyabura, Renana Peres

Do Nudges Reduce Disparities? Choice Architecture Compensates for Low Consumer Knowledge
Kellen Mrkva, Nathaniel A. Posner, Crystal Reeck, Eric C. Johnson

Mobilizing the Temporary Organization: The Governance Roles of Selection and Pricing
Elham Ghazimatin, Erik A. Mooi, Jan B. Heide

Consumer Self-Control and the Biological Sciences: Implications for Marketing Stakeholders
Yanmei Zheng, Joseph W. Alba

The Double-Edged Effects of E-Commerce Cart Retargeting: Does Retargeting Too Early Backfire?
Jing Li, Xueming Luo, Xianghua Lu, Takeshi Moriguchi

Serendipity: Chance Encounters in the Marketplace Enhance Consumer Satisfaction
Aekyoung Kim, Felipe M. Affonso, Juliano Laran, Kristina M. Durante

Navigating the Last Mile: The Demand Effects of Click-and-Collect Order Fulfillment
Katrijn Gielens, Els Gijsbrechts, Inge Geyskens


Recently Accepted Papers Forthcoming in the Journal of Marketing

Wage Inequality: Its Impact on Customer Satisfaction and Firm Performance
Boas Bamberger, Christian Homburg, Dominik M. Wielgos

How Consumer Orchestration Work Creates Value in the Sharing Economy
Daiane Scarabato, Bernardo Figueredo

Connecting to Place, People, and Past: How Products Can Make Us Feel Grounded and Why Marketers Should Care
Isabel Eichinger, Martin Schreier, Stijn M.J. van Osselaer

Despite Efficiencies, M&As Reduce Firm Value by Hurting Customer Satisfaction
Nita Umashankar, S. Cem Bahadir, Sundar Bharadwaj

R2M Index 1.0: Assessing the Practical Relevance of Academic Marketing Articles
Kamel Jedidi, Bernd H. Schmitt, Malek ben Sliman, Yanyan Li

Shedding Light on the Dark Side of Firm Lobbying: A Customer Perspective
Gautham G. Vadakkepatt, Sandeep Arora, Kelly D. Martin, Neeru Paharia

Regulating Product Recall Compliance in the Digital Age: Evidence from the “Safe Cars Save Lives” Campaign
Sotires Pagiavlas, Kartik Kalaignanam, Manpreet Gill, Paul D. Bliese

The Economic and Social Impacts of Migration on Brand Expenditure: Evidence from Rural India
Vishal Narayan, Shreya Kankanhalli

Halo or Cannibalization? How New Software Entrants Impact Sales of Incumbent Software in Platforms Markets
B.J. Allen, Richard T. Gretz, Mark B. Houston, Suman Basuroy

Social Atmospheres: How Interaction Ritual Chains Create Effervescent Experiences of Place
Tim Hill, Robin Canniford, Giana Eckhardt

Virtual Reality in New Product Development: Insights from Pre-Launch Sales Forecasting for Durables
Nathalie Harz, Sebastian Hohenberg, Christian Homburg

When to Use Markets, Lines, and Lotteries: How Beliefs About Preferences Shape Beliefs About Allocation
Franklin Shaddy, Anuj K. Shah

How Physical Stores Enhance Customer Value: The Importance of Product Inspection Depth
Jonathan Zhang, Chunwei Chang, Scott Neslin

Can Encroachment Benefit Hotel Franchisees?
TI Tongil Kim, Sandy D. Jap

How Industries Use Direct-to-Public Persuasion in Policy Conflicts: Asymmetries in Public Voting Responses
Kathleen Seiders, Andrea Godfrey Flynn, Gergana Nenkov

Machine Learning for Creativity: Using Similarity Networks to Design Better Crowdfunding Projects
Yanhao “Max” Wei, Jinhoon Hong, Gerard J. Tellis

Complaint Publicization in Social Media
Alireza Golmohammadi, Taha Havakhor, Dinesh Gauri, Johann Comprix

Platform Exploitation: When Service Agents Defect with Customers from Online Service Platforms
Qiang Zhou, B.J. Allen, Richard Gretz, Mark Houston

Values Created from Far and Near: Influence of Spatial Distance on Brand Evaluation
Xing-Yu (Marcos) Chu, Chun-Tuan Chang, Angela Y. Lee

Emotional Calibration and Salesperson Performance
Blair Kidwell, Jonathan Hasford, David Hardesty, Broderick Turner, Alex R. Zablah

Managing the Versioning Decision over an App’s Lifetime
Seoungwoo Lee, Jie Zhang, Michel Wedel

Gimmicky or Effective? The Effects of Imaginative Displays on Customers’ Purchase Behavior
Hean Tat Keh, Di Wang, Li Yan

When Algorithms Fail: Consumers’ Responses to Brand Harm Crises Caused by Algorithm Errors
Raji Srinivasan, Gulen Sarial-Abi

Augmented Reality in Retail and Its Impact on Sales
Yong-Chin Tan, Sandeep Chandukala, Srinivas Reddy


Call for Manuscripts: Marketing in the Healthcare Sector, Special Issue of the Journal of Marketing. Submission Deadline: July 1-November 1, 2021.

Healthcare is vital to our interconnected world. As the world faces a pandemic of a magnitude not witnessed for over 100 years, we are reminded of its fundamental role. Consumers (patients) seek health, healthcare providers and institutions work to deliver care, insurance companies and governments monitor its costs, markets compete on it, policy regulates it, and society benefits from its successes or is challenged by its failings. Marketing as a discipline, however, has not lived up to its potential contributions to this important aspect of our lives. This Journal of Marketing Special Issue is dedicated to promoting research on healthcare marketing with the goal of improving knowledge of this critical research domain.

  • Review the call for papers, including relevant topics, types of papers, and editorial review process.
  • Watch videos from a group of leading scholars sharing their views on unanswered questions facing marketing in the healthcare sector.​ Participants include Leonard Berry, Punam Keller, Irina Kozlenkova, Cait Lamberton, John Lynch, Detelina Marinova, Vikas Mittal, Maura Scott, Steve Shugan, Jagdip Singh, Hari Sridhar, S Sriram, and Rick Staelin. Thanks to Hayoung Cheon (University of Michigan) and Nah Lee (Duke University) for writing up the associated summaries.


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