J Service Man


Journal of Service Management, 32(4)



Creating a compassion system to achieve efficiency and quality in health care delivery
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Engaging users in the sharing economy: individual and collective psychological ownership as antecedents to actor engagement
Jonathan J. Baker, Treasa Kearney, Gaurangi Laud, Maria Holmlund [Google Scholar]

From third party to significant other for service encounters: a systematic review on third-party roles and their implications
Liliane Abboud, Nabila As’ad, Nicola Bilstein, Annelies Costers, Bieke Henkens, Katrien Verleye [Google Scholar]

Using AI to predict service agent stress from emotion patterns in service interactions
Stefano Bromuri, Alexander P. Henkel, Deniz Iren, Visara Urovi [Google Scholar]

Impact of network effects on service provider performance in digital business platforms
Khadija Ali Vakeel, Edward C. Malthouse, Aimei Yang [Google Scholar]

Transforming into a platform provider: strategic options for industrial smart service providers
Daniel Beverungen, Dennis Kundisch, Nancy Wünderlich [Google Scholar]

Unraveling customer experiences in a new servicescape: an ethnographic schema elicitation technique (ESET)
Susan Stead, Gaby Odekerken-Schröder, Dominik Mahr [Google Scholar]