J Mar


Journal of Marketing, 85(4)


The Concept of Authenticity: What It Means to Consumers
Joseph C. Nunes, Andrea Ordanini, and Gaia Giambastiani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Real-Time Brand Reputation Tracking Using Social Media
Roland T. Rust, William Rand, Ming-Hui Huang, Andrew T. Stephen, Gillian Brooks, and Timur Chabuk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Visual Elicitation of Brand Perception
Daria Dzyabura and Renana Peres [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Nudges Reduce Disparities? Choice Architecture Compensates for Low Consumer Knowledge
Kellen Mrkva, Nathaniel A. Posner, Crystal Reeck, and Eric J. Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mobilizing the Temporary Organization: The Governance Roles of Selection and Pricing
Elham Ghazimatin, Erik A. Mooi, and Jan B. Heide [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Self-Control and the Biological Sciences: Implications for Marketing Stakeholders
Yanmei Zheng and Joseph W. Alba [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Double-Edged Effects of E-Commerce Cart Retargeting: Does Retargeting Too Early Backfire?
Jing Li, Xueming Luo, Xianghua Lu, and Takeshi Moriguchi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Serendipity: Chance Encounters in the Marketplace Enhance Consumer Satisfaction
Aekyoung Kim, Felipe M. Affonso, Juliano Laran, and Kristina M. Durante [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Navigating the Last Mile: The Demand Effects of Click-and-Collect Order Fulfillment
Katrijn Gielens, Els Gijsbrechts, and Inge Geyskens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]