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Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 20



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Negative tourist-to-tourist interactions, value destruction, satisfaction, and post consumption behavioral intention
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Development and validation of a tourist experience scale for cultural and creative industries parks
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African diaspora tourism – How motivations shape experiences
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Can domestic tourism relieve the COVID-19 tourist industry crisis? The case of Spain
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Managing overtourism in collaboration: The case of ‘From Capital City to Court City’, a tourism redistribution policy project between Amsterdam and The Hague
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Universal therapy: A two-stage mediation model of the effects of stargazing tourism on tourists’ behavioral intentions
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Social music festival brandscapes: A lexical analysis of music festival social conversations
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Relation between antecedents, barriers and consequences of sustainable practices in the wine tourism sector
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Craft beverage tourism development: The contributions of social capital
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How do you feel about crowding at destinations? An exploration based on user-generated content
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The clustering of city images on Instagram: A comparison between projected and perceived images.
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Estimating the economic value of urban forest parks: Focusing on restorative experiences and environmental concerns
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Repeat tourists and familiar place formation: Conversion, inheritance and discovery
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Projected Destination-Country Image in documentaries: Taking wild China and aerial China for example
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When the parts of the sum are greater than the whole: Assessing the peak-and-end-theory for a heterogeneous, multi-episodic tourism experience
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A moderator of destination social responsibility for tourists’ pro-environmental behaviors in the VIP model
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Tourist destinations and cooperative agreements between airlines
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Residents’ happiness of life in rural tourism development
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World Heritage Sites in developing countries: Assessing impacts and handling complexities toward sustainable tourism
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Measuring Chinese adolescents’ learning outcomes in family travel: A scale development approach
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Variance of destination region image according to multi-dimensional proximity: A case of the Greater Bay Area
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Can red tourism construct red memories? Evidence from tourists at Mount Jinggang, China
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Relational risk and public-private partnership performance: An institutional perspective
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Likes on image posts in social networking services: Impact of travel episode
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