J Intl Bus Studies


Journal of International Business Studies, 52(4)



Innovation in and from emerging economies: New insights and lessons for international business research
Jaideep Anand, Gerald McDermott, Ram Mudambi, Rajneesh Narula [Google Scholar]

Leviathan as an inventor: An extended agency model of state-owned versus private firm invention in emerging and developed economies
Sergio G Lazzarini, Luiz F Mesquita, Felipe Monteiro, Aldo Musacchio [Google Scholar]

Partnering with Leviathan: The politics of innovation in foreign-host-state joint ventures
Pei Sun, Ziliang Deng, Mike Wright [Google Scholar]

State governance and technological innovation in emerging economies: State-owned enterprise restructuration and institutional logic dissonance in China’s high-speed train sector
Aurora Liu Genin, Justin Tan, Juan Song [Google Scholar]

Public sector organizations and agricultural catch-up dilemma in emerging markets: The orchestrating role of Embrapa in Brazil
Ronaldo Parente, Marne Melo, Daniel Andrews, Arun Kumaraswamy, Flavio Vasconcelos [Google Scholar]

Diaspora ownership and international technology licensing by emerging market firms
Aleksandra Gregorič, Larissa Rabbiosi, Grazia D. Santangelo [Google Scholar]

Running out of steam? A political incentive perspective of FDI inflows in China
Danqing Wang, Zhitao Zhu, Shuo Chen, Xiaowei Rose Luo [Google Scholar]

Government procurement and financial statement certification: Evidence from private firms in emerging economies
Ole-Kristian Hope, Shushu Jiang, Dushyantkumar Vyas [Google Scholar]

The effects of trade integration on formal and informal entrepreneurship: The moderating role of economic development
Elizabeth M Moore, Luis Alfonso Dau, Santiago Mingo [Google Scholar]


A stakeholder-based view of the evolution of intellectual property institutions
Dan Prud’homme, Tony W. Tong, Nianchen Han [Google Scholar]