Mar Letters


Marketing Letters, 32(2)


Religiosity’s influence on stability-seeking consumption during times of great uncertainty: the case of the coronavirus pandemic
Elizabeth A. Minton, Frank G. Cabano [Google Scholar]

How limited consumption experiences affect word of mouth
Christina Saenger, Veronica L. Thomas [Google Scholar]

The Chief Marketing Officer: an antidote to myopic earnings management practices
Preetinder Kaur, Sridhar N Ramaswami, Raghuram Bommaraju [Google Scholar]

Text is gendered: the role of letter case
Aekyoung Kim, Sam J. Maglio [Google Scholar]

All that glitters is not gold: when glossy packaging hurts brand trust
Yegyu Han, Mario Pandelaere [Google Scholar]

The role of betrayal in the response to value and performance brand crisis
Ilaria Baghi, Veronica Gabrielli [Google Scholar]

Consumer responses toward symmetric versus asymmetric facial expression emojis
Ganga S. Urumutta Hewage, Yue Liu, Ze Wang, Huifang Mao [Google Scholar]

Emotion regulation in the marketplace: the role of pleasant brand personalities
Rebecca K. Trump, Kevin P. Newman [Google Scholar]

Does it pay off to smile even it is not authentic? Customers’ involvement and the effectiveness of authentic emotional displays
Stephan Olk, Dieter K. Tscheulin, Jörg Lindenmeier [Google Scholar]