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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 61



Special Section on “Beyond explicit measures in marketing research: Methods, theoretical models, and applications”

Beyond explicit measures in marketing research: Methods, theoretical models, and applications
Sajad Rezaei [Google Scholar]

Unravelling the intellectual discourse of implicit consumer cognition: A bibliometric review
Philipp Wörfel [Google Scholar]

The biasing effect of evocative attributes at the implicit and explicit level: The tradition halo and the industrial horn in food products evaluations
Juliette Richetin, Eugenio Demartini, Anna Gaviglio, Elena Claire Ricci, Stefanella Stranieri, Alessandro Banterle, Marco Perugini [Google Scholar]

Shape congruence in product design: Impacts on automatically activated attitudes
Gordy Pleyers [Google Scholar]

Capturing implicit texture–flavour associations to predict consumers’ new product preferences
Caroline Cuny, Cécile Petit, Gaël Allain [Google Scholar]

To look tasty, let’s show the ingredients! Effects of ingredient images on implicit tasty–healthy associations for packaged products
Sonia Capelli, Fanny Thomas [Google Scholar]

Consumer response to service brand physical elements: Using a semantic priming task to explore implicit understanding of service brand meaning
Imène Belboula, Claire-Lise Ackermann [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ implicit attitudes toward corporate social responsibility and corporate abilities: Examining the influence of bank governance using the implicit association test
Charlotte Lecuyer, Sonia Capelli, William Sabadie [Google Scholar]

Regular Papers

The role of culture and personality traits in board game habits and attitudes: Cross-cultural comparison between Denmark, Germany, and USA
Amit Bar, Tobias Otterbring [Google Scholar]

Determining factors and impacts of the intention to adopt mobile banking app in Cameroon: Case of SARA by afriland First Bank
Jean Robert Kala Kamdjoug, Serge-Lopez Wamba-Taguimdje, Samuel Fosso Wamba, Ingrid Bive’e Kake [Google Scholar]

Customer reactions to self-checkout discontinuance
Tapani Rinta-Kahila, Esko Penttinen, Ashish Kumar, Ramkumar Janakiraman [Google Scholar]

Brand and quality effects on introduction of store brand products
Nasser Al-Monawer, Mehdi Davoodi, Lian Qi [Google Scholar]

Scarcity signaling in sales promotion: An evolutionary perspective of food choice and weight status
Anne O. Peschel [Google Scholar]

Chirping birds and barking dogs: The interactive effect of ambient sensory cue source and valence on consumers’ choice of natural products
Sina Esteky [Google Scholar]

Customers’ intention to adopt smart lockers in last-mile delivery service: A multi-theory perspective
Yao-Te Tsai, Praewwanit Tiwasing [Google Scholar]

The influence of human crowding and store messiness on consumer purchase intention– the role of contamination and scarcity perceptions
Shipra Gupta, Merve Coskun [Google Scholar]

Shifts in consumer behavior towards organic products: Theory-driven data analytics
Firouzeh Taghikhah, Alexey Voinov, Nagesh Shukla, Tatiana Filatova [Google Scholar]

Enhancing subscription-based ecommerce services through gambled price discounts
Wee-Kheng Tan, Bo-Hsiang Chen [Google Scholar]

Drivers and barriers for city shopping: Perspectives from retailers and consumers in regional Australia
Louise Grimmer [Google Scholar]

Short-term and long-term effects of touchpoints on customer perceptions
Jesús Cambra-Fierro, Yolanda Polo-Redondo, Andreea Trifu [Google Scholar]

Segmentation of both reviewers and businesses on social media
Sangkil Moon, Nima Jalali, Sunil Erevelles [Google Scholar]

Optimal pricing in social networks considering reference price effect
Yongrui Duan, Yixuan Feng [Google Scholar]

SKU performance and distribution: A large-scale analysis of the role of product characteristics with store scanner data
Martin Hirche, Luke Greenacre, Magda Nenycz-Thiel, Simone Loose, Larry Lockshin [Google Scholar]

Intrinsic motivation of luxury consumers in an emerging market
Shadma Shahid, Justin Paul [Google Scholar]

A tale of two recommender systems: The moderating role of consumer expertise on artificial intelligence based product recommendations
Sydney Chinchanachokchai, Pipat Thontirawong, Punjaporn Chinchanachokchai [Google Scholar]

Risk-reduction strategies in competitive convenience retail: How brand confusion can impact choice among existing similar alternatives
Jerry Yuwen Shiu [Google Scholar]

Online fraudulent returns in Taiwan: The impacts of e-retailers’ transaction ethics and consumer personality
Hsiu-Hua Chang, Yi-Yan Guo [Google Scholar]

The effect of COVID-19 on consumer shopping behaviour: Generational cohort perspective
Ludvík Eger, Lenka Komárková, Dana Egerová, Michal Mičík [Google Scholar]

How social distance affects the intention and behavior of collaborative consumption: A study based on online car-hailing service
Lu Huang, Yuan Li, Xing Huang, Liying Zhou [Google Scholar]

Immediate or delayed! Whether various types of consumer sales promotions drive impulse buying?: An empirical investigation
Nirmalya Bandyopadhyay, Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran, Sanjay Patro, Ravi Shekhar Kumar [Google Scholar]

Encouraging healthy choices in the retail store environment: Combining product information and shelf allocation
Benedetta Grandi, Steve Burt, Maria Grazia Cardinali [Google Scholar]

The roles of sensory perceptions and mental imagery in consumer decision-making
Minjeong Kim, Jung-Hwan Kim, Minjung Park, Jungmin Yoo [Google Scholar]

A conceptual framework of the antecedents of customer journey satisfaction in omnichannel retailing
Yanika Tueanrat, Savvas Papagiannidis, Eleftherios Alamanos [Google Scholar]

Digitally enabling sustainable food shopping: App glitches, practice conflicts, and digital failure
Christian Fuentes, Olivia Cegrell, Josefine Vesterinen [Google Scholar]

Case based models of the relationship between consumer resistance to innovation and customer churn
Yang Sun [Google Scholar]

Value co-creation and social media: Investigating antecedents and influencing factors in the U.S. retail banking industry
Lars-Erik Casper Ferm, Park Thaichon [Google Scholar]

Behavioral reasoning perspectives to brand love toward natural products: Moderating role of environmental concern and household size
Naman Sreen, Amandeep Dhir, Shalini Talwar, Teck Ming Tan, Fatimah Alharbi [Google Scholar]

The future of service: The power of emotion in human-robot interaction
Stephanie Hui-Wen Chuah, Joanne Yu [Google Scholar]

Exploring information technology success of Augmented Reality Retail Applications in retail food chain
Candy Lim Chiu, Han-Chiang Ho, Tiancheng Yu, Yijun Liu, Yuwen Mo [Google Scholar]

Analyzing the relationship between CSR and reputation in the banking sector
Belén Ruiz, Juan A. García [Google Scholar]

Examining the influence of cultural and ethical ideology on consumers’ perceptions about the ethics of online retailers and its effects on their loyalty
Sameh Aboul-Dahab, Gomaa Agag, Ziad Hassan Abdelmoety [Google Scholar]

The role of cognitive and affective responses in the relationship between internal and external stimuli on online impulse buying behavior
Salman Kimiagari, Neda Sharifi Asadi Malafe [Google Scholar]

Information overload and fake news sharing: A transactional stress perspective exploring the mitigating role of consumers’ resilience during COVID-19
Alena Bermes [Google Scholar]

Retailers’ coalition and quantity discounts under demand uncertainty
Jafar Heydari, Behnam Momeni [Google Scholar]

Conceptualization of e-servicescapes in the fitness applications and wearable devices context: Multi-dimensions, consumer satisfaction, and behavioral intention
Minseong Kim [Google Scholar]

How to prevent food waste behaviour? A deep empirical research
Salih Aka, Naci Buyukdag [Google Scholar]

Do you bear to reject them? The effect of anthropomorphism on empathy and consumer preference for unattractive produce
Tong Chen, Amar Razzaq, Ping Qing, Binbin Cao [Google Scholar]

Factors influencing consumers’ purchase decision-making in O2O business model: Evidence from consumers’ overall evaluation
Chong Wang, Yanqing Wang, Jixiao Wang, Jiuling Xiao, Jian Liu [Google Scholar]

“I just like this e-Retailer”: Understanding online consumers repurchase intention from relationship quality perspective
Samuel Antwi [Google Scholar]

Determinants of holistic passenger experience in public transportation: Scale development and validation
Rajesh Ittamalla, Daruri Venkata Srinivas Kumar [Google Scholar]

The link between corporate social responsibility and customer loyalty: Empirical evidence from the Islamic banking industry
Muhammad Muflih [Google Scholar]

RFM-based repurchase behavior for customer classification and segmentation
Mussadiq Abdul Rahim, Muhammad Mushafiq, Salabat Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Arain [Google Scholar]

A neural network based price sensitive recommender model to predict customer choices based on price effect
Shiuann-Shuoh Chen, Bhaskar Choubey, Vinay Singh [Google Scholar]

An exploratory study on factors contributing to job dissatisfaction of retail employees in India
Pallavi Pandey, Saumya Singh, Pramod Pathak [Google Scholar]

Online consumer resilience during a pandemic: An exploratory study of e-commerce behavior before, during and after a COVID-19 lockdown
Cameron Guthrie, Samuel Fosso-Wamba, Jean Brice Arnaud [Google Scholar]

Where to refuel: Modeling on-the-way choice of convenience outlet
Ari Pramono, Harmen Oppewal [Google Scholar]

Do promotion and prevention focus influence impulse buying: The role of mood regulation, shopping values, and impulse buying tendency
Chandan Parsad, Sanjeev Prashar, T. Sai Vijay, Mukesh Kumar [Google Scholar]

The impact of user perceptions of AR on purchase intention of location-based AR navigation systems
Timothy Hyungsoo Jung, Sujin Bae, Natasha Moorhouse, Ohbyung Kwon [Google Scholar]

Following you wherever you go: Mobile shopping ‘cart-checkout’ abandonment
Anuj Pal Kapoor, Madhu Vij [Google Scholar]

Shopping centers revisited: The interplay between consumers’ spontaneous online communications and retail planning
Eleonora Pantano, Charles Dennis, Michela De Pietro [Google Scholar]

Does playing a video game really result in improvements in psychological well-being in the era of COVID-19?
Minseong Kim [Google Scholar]

Perceived brand authenticity and social exclusion as drivers of psychological brand ownership
Vikas Kumar, Vikrant Kaushal [Google Scholar]

Customer pre-participatory social media drivers and their influence on attitudinal loyalty within the retail banking industry: A multi-group analysis utilizing social exchange theory
Lars-Erik Casper Ferm, Park Thaichon [Google Scholar]

I need to touch it to buy it! How haptic information influences consumer shopping behavior across channels
Francesca De Canio, Maria Fuentes-Blasco [Google Scholar]

Relevant, or irrelevant, external factors in panic buying
Catherine Prentice, Mai Nguyen, Purnima Nandy, Michael Aswin Winardi, Ying Chen, Lien Le Monkhouse, Sergio Dominique-Ferreira, Bela Stantic [Google Scholar]

Joint service, pricing and advertising strategies with tourists’ green tourism experience in a tourism supply chain
Shigui Ma, Yong He, Ran Gu [Google Scholar]

Customer segmentation by web content mining
Jinfeng Zhou, Jinliang Wei, Bugao Xu [Google Scholar]

Longitudinal analysis versus cross-sectional analysis in assessing the factors influencing shoppers’ impulse purchase behavior – Do the store ambience and salesperson interactions really matter?
Bharath Shashanka Katakam, Ramulu Bhukya, Raja Shekhar Bellamkonda, Nagaraj Samala [Google Scholar]

Building influencers’ credibility on Instagram: Effects on followers’ attitudes and behavioral responses toward the influencer
Daniel Belanche, Luis V. Casaló, Marta Flavián, Sergio Ibáñez-Sánchez [Google Scholar]

Psychological antecedents of consumer trust in CRM campaigns and donation intentions: The moderating role of creativity
Sujo Thomas, Ashwin Jadeja [Google Scholar]

The role of consumer-consumer interaction and consumer-brand interaction in driving consumer-brand engagement and behavioral intentions
Man Lai Cheung, Guilherme D. Pires, Philip J. Rosenberger, Wilson K.S. Leung, Mohamad-Noor Salehhuddin Sharipudin [Google Scholar]

Investigating the impact of shopper personality on behaviour in immersive Virtual Reality store environments
Alexander Schnack, Malcolm J. Wright, Jonathan Elms [Google Scholar]

The social media response to the rollout of legalized cannabis retail in Ontario, Canada
Joseph Aversa, Jenna Jacobson, Tony Hernandez, Evan Cleave, Michael Macdonald, Stephanie Dizonno [Google Scholar]

Peer presence promotes popular choices: A “Spicy” field study on social influence and brand choice
Tobias Otterbring [Google Scholar]

Price versus service: Can retailers beat showrooming with competence?
Patricia J. Schneider, Stephan Zielke [Google Scholar]

Bandwagon vs snob luxuries: Targeting consumers based on uniqueness dominance
Manish Das, Mohshin Habib, Victor Saha, Charles Jebarajakirthy [Google Scholar]

Consistent price endings increase consumers perceptions of cheapness
Hui-Hsi Hung, Yin-Hui Cheng, Shih-Chieh Chuang, Annie Pei-I Yu, Yu-Ting Lin [Google Scholar]

How do firms handle variability in customer experience? A dynamic approach to better understanding customer retention
Jesús Cambra-Fierro, Lily (Xuehui) Gao, Iguácel Melero-Polo, Andreea Trifu [Google Scholar]