J Con Behaviour


Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 20(3)



Hotel review framing and the “law of small numbers”
Lisa N. Cain, Eun Joo Kim, Sarah Tanford [Google Scholar]

The effects of mobile payment on consumer behavior
Yuewen Liu, Junlong Luo, Long Zhang [Google Scholar]

Millennials’ evaluation of corporate social responsibility: The wants and needs of the largest and most ethical generation
Elena Chatzopoulou, Adrian de Kiewiet [Google Scholar]

Sense hardness: Effect of haptic perception on consumer attitudes towards brand extension
Ke Zhong, Yihan Wang, Haizhong Wang [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ perceived value of healthier eating: A SEM analysis of the internalisation of dietary norms considering perceived usefulness, subjective norms, and intrinsic motivations in Singapore
Ronan de Kervenoael, Alexandre Schwob, Rajibul Hasan, Yak Shu Ting [Google Scholar]

Direct and indirect effects of fear‐of‐missing‐out appeals on purchase likelihood
Megan C. Good, Michael R. Hyman [Google Scholar]

Purchasing luck: The impact of scarcity cues on superstitious behavior
Lili Wang, Xiao Su, Yanfen You [Google Scholar]

What motivates people to be materialistic? Developing a measure of materialism motives
Eda Gurel-Atay, M. Joseph Sirgy, David Webb, Ahmet Ekici, Dong-Jin Lee, Lynn R. Kahle [Google Scholar]

The effect of regulatory focus on customer citizenship behavior in a virtual brand community: The role of online self‐presentation and community identification
Li Wang, Mototaka Sakashita, Guoping Cheng, Junzhe Ji, Yating Zhang [Google Scholar]

Choice set size and consumer preference for an option with a “zero” attribute value
Wen Mao [Google Scholar]

Impact of TV dramas on consumers’ travel, shopping and purchase intentions
Myriam Ertz, Emine Sarigöllü, Fahri Karakas, Omar Chehab [Google Scholar]

The impact of expertise on hedonic escalation: A moderating role of regulatory focus
Chia-Jung Chang, Shin Lan, Wei-Ting Chiang [Google Scholar]

Can we get back together? Measuring brand relationship breakup
Alberto Lopez [Google Scholar]

Word of mouth: How upward social comparisons influence the sharing of consumption experiences
Ana Suárez Vázquez, Li Du, Ana Belén del Río Lanza [Google Scholar]

Determinants of consumer loyalty towards celebrity‐owned restaurants: The mediating role of brand love
Jay Trivedi, Ramzan Sama [Google Scholar]

Propensity to use smartbands to engage with brands and the moderating role of the bandwagon effect on satisfaction
Adesegun Oyedele, Emily Goenner [Google Scholar]


When does a social norm catch the worm? Disentangling social normative influences on sustainable consumption behaviour
Ann-Catrin Pristl, Sven Kilian, Andreas Mann [Google Scholar]

Toward a personology of green consumers: An application of personal projects
Carmen Valor, Carlos Martínez-de-Ibarreta [Google Scholar]

Evaluating the challenge of China’s crossverging young “Enviro‐Materialists”
Janine Dermody, Anita Lifen Zhao, Nicole Koenig-Lewis, Stuart Hanmer-Lloyd [Google Scholar]