J Con Mar


Journal of Consumer Marketing, 38(3)



Measuring personality congruency effects on consumer brand intentions in celebrity-endorsed brands
Nilesh Arora, Sanjeev Prashar, Sai Vijay Tata, Chandan Parsad [Google Scholar]

The effects of matching empty ad space color to featured product’s color on consumer buying impulse
Nazuk Sharma [Google Scholar]

Developing brand advocacy through brand activities on Facebook
Youngtae Choi, Michael W. Kroff, Junga Kim [Google Scholar]

Will a green color and nature images make consumers pay more for a green product?
Manoshi Samaraweera, Jeanetta D. Sims, Dini M. Homsey [Google Scholar]

When time pressure counters the zero price effect
John Bowman Dinsmore, Scott A. Wright, Daria Plotkina [Google Scholar]

Contrasting profiles of product returners and keepers
Dong Hwan Lee [Google Scholar]

Preparing for a crisis: examining the influence of fear and anxiety on consumption and compliance
Elyria Kemp, My (Myla) Bui, McDowell Porter, III [Google Scholar]

Television viewing and conspicuous consumption of households: evidence from India
Avinash Kumar, Rajeev Kumra [Google Scholar]

Exploring lack of closure as a brand transgression
Jacqueline Burgess, Christian Jones [Google Scholar]

Shopping well-being: the role of congruity and shoppers’ characteristics
Kamel El Hedhli, Imene Becheur, Haithem Zourrig, Walid Chaouali [Google Scholar]