Motives for Charitable Giving


Cassandra Chapman, Jessica Spence, Matthew Hornsey, and Lucas Dixon seek manuscripts for a meta-analysis


Author: Cassandra Chapman

Dear colleagues,

We are a team of researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia conducting a meta-analysis on several motives or factors that may influence charitable giving; specifically:

  • Audience: the (implied or actual) presence of observers
  • Efficacy: perceptions of the impact or efficacy of donations
  • Efficiency: information about a charity’s efficiency ratios or spending on overheads
  • Emotions: discrete emotions or generalized positive or negative emotion
  • Empathy: empathy, compassion, and sympathy
  • Identity: personal or social identities and group memberships
  • Incentives: gifts, rebates, tax breaks, and other incentives
  • Neediness: perceptions of the scale or intensity of need
  • Norms: perceptions of what other people approve of or do
  • Solicitation: being asked directly for donations
  • Trust: degree of trust in people in general, institutions, charities, or the organization
  • Warm glow: emotional rewards for giving

Having completed our review of the published literature, we are now seeking to incorporate unpublished data.

Please contact us if you have unpublished data that includes both a measure of any of the above motives AND a measure of charitable giving (donations of money), for example:

  • Self-reported past giving
  • Giving intentions, willingness to give, or hypothetical donations
  • Archived giving behavior
  • Behavioral measures of giving

If you have data that fit the above criteria, or if you have any questions about inclusion, please email Jessica Spence (

Thank you in advance,

Cassandra Chapman, Jessica Spence, Matthew Hornsey, and Lucas Dixon