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Industrial Marketing Management, 95



How to develop original, courageous ideas in business marketing research
Adam Lindgreen, C. Anthony Di Benedetto, Florian Kock [Google Scholar]

Innovative digital marketing management in B2B markets
Kyung Hoon Kim, Hakil Moon [Google Scholar]

Unlocking the link between relationship duration and product De-listing in retail channels: The role of market orientation and brand diffusion
Ismail Gölgeci, Ricardo Malagueno, Andrew Fearne [Google Scholar]

Can systems integration lead to improved performance? The role of strategic alliances
José-Mauricio Galli Geleilate, Ronaldo C. Parente, M. Berk Talay [Google Scholar]

Market niches as dynamic, co-created resource domains
Denis Odlin, Maureen Benson-Rea [Google Scholar]

Environmental dynamism, industry 4.0 and performance: Mediating role of organizational and technological factors
Saurabh Kumar, Manjot Singh Bhatia [Google Scholar]

The journey from goods-dominant logic to service-dominant logic: A case study with a global technology manufacturer
Kea Hartwig, Lewin von Saldern, Frank Jacob [Google Scholar]

Omnichannel Management in B2B. Complexity-based model. Empirical evidence from a panel of experts based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
Javier Alonso-Garcia, Federico Pablo-Martí, Estela Nunez-Barriopedro [Google Scholar]

An examination of salesperson bricolage during a critical sales disruption: Selling during the Covid-19 pandemic
Rhett T. Epler, Mark P. Leach [Google Scholar]

A service design perspective on the stakeholder engagement journey during B2B innovation: Challenges and future research agenda
Annouk Lievens, Vera Blažević [Google Scholar]

Why history matters: Micro-and macro-foundations in a corporate de alio spinoff
Alexandra Kriz, Taina Eriksson, Mari Ketolainen [Google Scholar]

The tribes in the field of servitization: Discovering latent streams across 30 years of research
Rodrigo Rabetino, Marko Kohtamäki, Saara A. Brax, Jukka Sihvonen [Google Scholar]

Moving toward autonomous solutions: The role of Product-Service-Software Systems. Guest Edited By: Marko Kohtamäk, David Sjödin, Rodrigo Rabetino, Vinit Parida, Stephan Henneberg

Adoption and optimal configuration of smart products: The role of firm internationalization and offer hybridization
Ferran Vendrell-Herrero, Oscar F. Bustinza, Yancy Vaillant [Google Scholar]

Pro-active peer review for premier journals
Weng Marc Lim [Google Scholar]