Ann Rev Poli Sci


Annual Review of Political Science, 24


Measuring Liberalism, Confronting Evil: A Retrospective
Ira Katznelson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Presidential Unilateral Power
Kenneth Lowande and Jon C. Rogowski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Violence Against Civilians During Armed Conflict: Moving Beyond the` Macro- and Micro-Level Divide
Laia Balcells and Jessica A. Stanton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Causes of Populism in the West
Sheri Berman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Networks of Conflict and Cooperation
Jennifer M. Larson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nationalism: What We Know and What We Still Need to Know
Harris Mylonas and Maya Tudor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Party and Ideology in American Local Government: An Appraisal
Sarah F. Anzia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Protection and State–Society Relations in Environments of Low and Uneven State Capacity
Arthur Alik-Lagrange, Sarah K. Dreier, Milli Lake, and Alesha Porisky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Continuing Dilemma of Race and Class in the Study of American Political Behavior
Fredrick C. Harris and Viviana Rivera-Burgos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Conflict-Related Sexual Violence
Ragnhild Nordås and Dara Kay Cohen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Secrecy in International Relations and Foreign Policy
Allison Carnegie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Do Electoral Gender Quotas Affect Policy?
Amanda Clayton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Who Enters Politics and Why?
Saad Gulzar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethics of Field Experiments
Trisha Phillips [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Persistence of Racial Cues and Appeals in American Elections
LaFleur Stephens-Dougan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Can We Learn from Written Constitutions?
Zachary Elkins and Tom Ginsburg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Rise of Local Politics: A Global Review
Patrick Le Galès [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

External Validity
Michael G. Findley, Kyosuke Kikuta, and Michael Denly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Machine Learning for Social Science: An Agnostic Approach
Justin Grimmer, Margaret E. Roberts, and Brandon M. Stewart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Backlash Against Globalization
Stefanie Walter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Politics of the Black Power Movement
James Lance Taylor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Populism, Democracy, and Party System Change in Europe
Milada Anna Vachudova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]