IMRC 2021


Interactive Marketing Research Conference, 20-22 & 25-27 Oct 2021; Deadline 31 May


Author: Sertain Kabadayi

A Virtual Conference

Hosted by Gabelli School of Business, Fordham University
New York City- October 20-22 & October 25-27, 2021

Call for Papers for a Special Issue of the Journal of Interactive Marketing® and the Interactive Marketing Research Conference on Interactive Marketing 2.0:

Expanding the Boundaries of Interactive Marketing

Companies and marketers use interactive marketing to meet customer needs and improve the bottom line. However, the application of interactive marketing tools could extend beyond more “conventional” business applications to include services, social causes, and well-being outcomes as well. The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the importance of examining these issues and shed light on the challenges as well as opportunities this new environment presents to firms.

The 2021 IMRC invites papers that identify innovative applications for interactive marketing. Researchers should address how existing theoretical frameworks and analytical tools can be extended to 1) tackle research questions in new contexts and 2) to create knowledge and value for a myriad of stakeholders.

Papers on a wide range of topics that intersect with the theme of innovative applications for interactive marketing are invited; these include (but are not limited to) the ways that interactive marketing can:

  • Contribute to social values and produce well-being outcomes for multiple stakeholders;
  • Be used to help vulnerable populations or address societal and global problems;
  • Be used to increase diversity and inclusion in marketing efforts;
  • Be used to create and improve customer engagement in service contexts;
  • Lead to better service recovery outcomes in cases of service failure;
  • Be applied to stimulate a more circular economy; and,
  • Be used internally to create better well-being outcomes for company employees.

Papers could also examine:

  • How interactive marketing tools can be used to handle privacy-related issues;
  • How newly emerging technologies can be used to improve interactive marketing outcomes;
  • How new research methods, data collection techniques, and analytical tools can be used in interactive marketing research.
  • How interactive marketing frameworks and findings can be used in nonmarketing fields like business ethics, sustainability, strategy, management, etc.

The conference and special issue theme seeks topics that require a new broadened perspective and that look for new directions and applications for research. We ask for papers that go beyond existing comfort zones and that will take the field of interactive marketing field in new directions.

Key Dates for the Conference

  • Submission deadline: June 15, 2021
  • Acceptance notification: June 30, 2021
  • Event: October 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, & 27 2021

Submission Format

Submission will be in the form of slide decks. Submissions are restricted to a maximum of 20 slides but can be shorter if your research project is still in an earlier stage.

We welcome empirical, theoretical, and conceptual papers and are open to all methodological approaches. See the event website for full information on submission guidelines.

Key Dates for the Special Issue

There will be a special issue of the Journal of Interactive Marketing® on the topic of “Interactive Marketing 2.0: Expanding the Boundaries of Interactive Marketing.”

Presenting at the conference does not guarantee acceptance to the special issue but is a good opportunity to receive feedback from the special issue editors and thought leaders in the field. Equally, submission to the special issue is not a requirement to participate in the conference nor is participation in the conference a requirement for submission to the special issue. Conference submission and special issue submission are two separate activities.

Submissions to the special issue will open on December 15, 2021 with a final submission deadline for the special issue on March 15, 2022. Papers targeting the special issue should be submitted through the Journal of Interactive Marketing® submission system


and will undergo a similar review process as regularly submitted papers.

See the event website and the Journal of Interactive Marketing website for full information about the special issue and call for papers.

About the Conference

Founded by Marketing EDGE, the Interactive Marketing Research Conference aims to be the premier conference for digital and direct marketing and a unique event of interest to all researchers in this field. The conference is further intended to support the Journal of Interactive Marketing®, and to promote high-quality research in interactive marketing. Toward these ends, the event will feature selected research papers by leading academics together with key leading digital thinkers and marketing practitioners working at the frontiers of interactive marketing.

Conference Co-Chairs

  • Lerzan Aksoy, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Strategic Initiatives, Professor of Marketing, Gabelli School of Business- Fordham University
  • Sertan Kabadayi, Professor of Marketing, Gabelli School of Business- Fordham University
  • Yves Van Vaerenbergh, Associate Professor of Marketing, Department Chair, KU Leuven

Venue: Virtual

Hosted by: Gabelli School of Business, Fordham University, New York City

The Gabelli School of Business is the undergraduate and graduate business schools of Fordham University, the Jesuit University of New York. Fordham University’s involvement in business started early in the 20th century with the founding of the School of Business in 1920. The Gabelli School of Business, celebrating its centennial in 2020, has been an AACSB-accredited business school for over 50 years.

The Gabelli School of Business is located in two campuses: Rose Hill campus in the Bronx, and Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan, at the heart of New York City. It offers both undergraduate and graduate business programs, including Full-time, Part-time, Executive MBA programs and a rage of specialized MS programs. Sponsors

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