Curious and Interesting


The Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising podcast series


Author: Harsha Gangadharbatla

This year, Barbara Phillips, Professor of Marketing, University of Saskatchewan, will be publishing her last issues at the helm of Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising after completing two 3-year terms as editor. And along with the transition of to her successor Sukki Yoon at Bryant University, she will also be passing to the American Academy of Advertising the ownership of her creation, the JCIRA article two-minute podcasts, “Curious and Interesting.”

To be clear and so no one misunderstands: the podcasts have all been Barb Phillips’ innovation.

She started the entire project on her own. She writes the scripts and records them. Her son, Harrison, sound edits them in Audacity and posts them on JCIRA’s YouTube channel, that was created by Barb, who also commissioned and paid for the logo. Her other son, Daniel, wrote the music for the podcasts. Once the podcasts were established, Routledge, Taylor & Francis, the publisher of the three AAA journals – JCIRA, plus Journal of Advertising and Journal of Internet Advertising – now promotes the podcasts on their social media channels. Barb also managed some other promotion channels to the authors of the papers featured, to members of the journal’s Editorial Review Board, plus to listserv groups. The American Academy of Advertising’s Communications Committee promotes the podcasts through the AAA social media channels.

As JCIRA transitions to the new editor, Barb is giving the rights to use the music, logo, and YouTube channel to AAA. She’ll do the podcasts for the rest of this year as her last issues as editor are published, then the editor successor, Sukki Yoon will continue to produce the podcasts. The channel has over 100 subscribers and over 1,500 downloads per year and growing. Some faculty report using the podcasts in their classes, or with their graduate students to promote advertising research.

With Barb Phillips’ gift, the American Academy of Advertising now owns the podcasts. The AAA website has a link to the JCIRA podcasts that can be accessed for viewing by members and non-members.

Here is the link to the YouTube podcast playlists.



The Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising is an academic journal of the American Academy of Advertising. Curious and Interesting is a two-minute podcast from JCIRA about what’s new and interesting in the world of advertising research.