Smart Management for Digital Transformation


Edited book; Proposal deadline 12 May 2021

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Author: Belém Barbosa


Proposal Submission Deadline: May 12, 2021
Full Chapter Submission: September 9, 2021

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to contribute with a chapter proposal (1,000 – 2,000 words) to the forthcoming book publication by IGI Global entitled


Editors: Belem Barbosa, Sandra Filipe & Claudia Amaral Santos

This book intends to shed light on the current changes introduced by digitalization and the strategic opportunities this trend offers to companies in all areas of business.

The publication aims to offer an in-depth analysis on the drivers, motivations and determinants for success in this worldwide transformation and will be organized in three sections comprising theoretical chapters, empirical chapters and relevant case studies from different sectors and contexts.

Recommended Topics

Part 1 – Digital transformation approaches

This section explores the facilitators of and barriers to digital transformation of companies. It provides both theoretical (e.g., systematic literature reviews, conceptual papers) and empirical (e.g., qualitative, quantitative) studies. The topics to be approached include but are not limited to:

  • Managers’ perceptions on the challenges posed by the internet
  • Digital transformation drivers
  • Digital transformation resistance in family businesses
  • Management education and digital business skills
  • Digital transformation and skill acquisition
  • Digital transformation strategies
  • Digital transformation objectives
  • The role of big data in digital transformation
  • Management strategies during economic and social crises

Part 2 – Digital transformation outcomes

This section focuses on the business outcomes of digital transformation. Similar to the previous section, it encompasses both theoretical and empirical chapters, focusing on topics such as:

  • Digitalization of products and services
  • E-commerce success strategies in B2B and B2C sectors
  • Fostering customer service in online channels
  • Building online brand communities
  • Infomediation and intermediation models in online channels
  • Digital communication and marketing success factors
  • Brand awareness, brand love, and brand involvement in online settings
  • The impact of digital communication on consumer loyalty
  • Digital business strategies and profitability
  • Working conditions, team management and the new normal

Part 3 – Digital transformation success strategies: Selected case studies

The final section of this book presents a series of successful case studies of companies and brands from different sectors, namely the following:

  • SMEs digital initiatives
  • Internationalization through digital channels
  • Ecommerce initiatives in local businesses
  • Marketplace initiatives
  • Educators role in the digital transformation
  • Digital entrepreneurship education
  • Generation Z digital entrepreneurship initiatives
  • Digital startups
  • Digital business initiatives by underrepresented entrepreneurs
  • Digital transformation and inclusion of minorities
  • Digital services in the tourism sector
  • Digitalization of luxury brands
  • Digital strategies by beauty and wellness companies
  • Digital adoption in the food sector management
  • Digital communication by health brands
  • Digital transformation of the fitness sector

These case studies are expected to include one or more research questions, a theoretical background, and a section explaining the methodology adopted (e.g., data collection and analysis techniques), and hence follow a chapter structure similar to the other chapters of the book.

Important Dates

May 12, 2021: Proposal Submission Deadline
May 26, 2021: Notification of Acceptance
September 9, 2021: Full Chapter Submission
November 7, 2021: Review Results Returned
December 19, 2021: Final Acceptance Notification
January 2, 2022: Final Chapter Submission

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