Journal of Marketing 2020 Outstanding Reviewer Award


The Editors of JM announce fourteen winners of this year's award

POSTING TYPE: Journal News

Author: Matt Weingarden

Journal of Marketing 2020 Outstanding Reviewer Award

Editors Christine Moorman, Harald van Heerde, C. Page Moreau, and Rob Palmatier are pleased announce the winners of the 2020 Outstanding Reviewer Award for the Journal of Marketing. These Editorial Review Board members were selected as winners based on review workload and the constructiveness, thoroughness, and timeliness of their reports.

Michelle Andrews, Emory University
Amar Cheema, University of Virginia
Allan Chen, University of Kentucky
David A. Griffith, Texas A&M University
Kelly Hewett, University of Tennessee
Vamsi Kanuri, Notre Dame University
Alok Kumar, University of Nebraska
Leonard Lee, National University of Singapore
Stephen Nowlis, Washington University
Venkatesh Shankar, Texas A&M University
Debora V. Thompson, Georgetown University
Caleb Warren, University of Arizona
Kenneth H. Wathne, University of Stavanger and Norwegian Business School
Alex R. Zablah, University of Tennessee