J Mar Theory Prac


Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 29(2)


Sustainable innovation and the triple bottom-line: a market-based capabilities and stakeholder perspective
Kelly Weidner, Cheryl Nakata & Zhen Zhu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can’t take my eyes off of the model: the impact of sexual appeal and product involvement on selective attention to advertisements
Zijian Gong, Steve Holiday & R. Glenn Cummins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social media continuation intention: a contrarian analysis
Rania S. Hussein, Salah S. Hassan & David Ashley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge-based resources in explaining service recovery performance: a multilevel investigation
Samiha Mjahed Hammami, Nizar Souiden & Khaled Bennour [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Clinical Screener (CS): Instrument refinement and comparison of compulsive buying prevalence among Polish young consumers of Eastern Europe to Western culture
Piotr Tarka & Jasurbek Babaev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consuming beyond means: debt trap of conspicuous consumption in an emerging economy
Saravana Jaikumar & Yukti Sharma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Show me the real world: reactions of American female consumers to more realistic and diverse human models in e-commerce
Daria Plotkina & Hélène Saurel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]