Intl Mar Rev


International Marketing Review, 38(2)


The effects of brand origin and country-of-manufacture on consumers’ institutional perceptions and purchase decision-making
Shijiao Chen, Malcolm J. Wright, Hongzhi Gao, Huan Liu, Damien Mather [Google Scholar]

Home country institutional impact on the choice of direct vs indirect exports: an emerging markets perspective
B. Elango, Nitin Pangarkar [Google Scholar]

Does language matter to foreign subsidiary performance?
Palitha Konara, Yingqi Wei [Google Scholar]

The responsibility of an ethnocentric consumer – nationalistic, patriotic or environmentally conscientious? A critical discourse analysis of “buy domestic” campaigns
Tiia-Lotta Pekkanen, Visa Penttilä [Google Scholar]

How do international advertisers use consumer culture positioning strategies? A cross-national, cross-category approach
Nina Michaelidou, Milena Micevski, Georgios Halkias [Google Scholar]

International marketing doctrine: the use of guiding principles
Yoel Asseraf, Itzhak Gnizy, Aviv Shoham [Google Scholar]

The nature of individual experiential knowledge in internationalizing SMEs: pitfalls of superstitious learning and the need for wisdom
Sara Melén Hånell, Emilia Rovira Nordman, Lars-Gunnar Mattsson [Google Scholar]

The relevance of international marketing strategy to emerging-market exporting firms: from a systematic review towards a conceptual framework
İlayda İpek [Google Scholar]

Consumer reactions to unsustainable luxury: a cross-country analysis
Cesare Amatulli, Matteo De Angelis, Giovanni Pino, Sheetal Jain [Google Scholar]