J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 170(1)



Reconnecting to the Social in Business Ethics
Gazi Islam, Michelle Greenwood [Google Scholar]

An Agonistic Notion of Political CSR: Melding Activism and Deliberation
Cedric E. Dawkins [Google Scholar]

Firms Talk, Suppliers Walk: Analyzing the Locus of Greenwashing in the Blame Game and Introducing ‘Vicarious Greenwashing’
Marta Pizzetti, Lucia Gatti, Peter Seele [Google Scholar]

Corporate Social Responsibility as Obligated Internalisation of Social Costs
Andrew Johnston, Kenneth Amaeshi, Emmanuel Adegbite, Onyeka Osuji [Google Scholar]

Greasing Dirty Machines: Evidence of Pollution-Driven Bribery in China
Yanlei Zhang [Google Scholar]

Consumer Reactions to Tax Avoidance: Evidence from the United States and Germany
Inga Hardeck, J. William Harden, David R. Upton [Google Scholar]

Reducing Accounting Aggressiveness with General Ethical Norms and Decision Structure
Khim Kelly, Pamela R. Murphy [Google Scholar]

Consequences of Moral Transgressions: How Regulatory Focus Orientation Motivates or Hinders Moral Decoupling
Kirsten Cowan, Atefeh Yazdanparast [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Authoritarian Leadership on Ethical Voice: A Moderated Mediation Model of Felt Uncertainty and Leader Benevolence
Yuyan Zheng, Les Graham, Jiing-Lih Farh, Xu Huang [Google Scholar]

Humility Harmonized? Exploring Whether and How Leader and Employee Humility (In)Congruence Influences Employee Citizenship and Deviance Behaviors
Xin Qin, Xin Liu, Jacob A. Brown, Xiaoming Zheng, Bradley P. Owens [Google Scholar]

Supervisors’ Value Orientations and Ethics: A Cross-National Analysis
Chung-wen Chen, Hsiu-Huei Yu, Kristine Velasquez Tuliao, Aditya Simha, Yi-Ying Chang [Google Scholar]

A Developmental Model for Educating Wise Leaders: The Role of Mindfulness and Habitus in Creating Time for Embodying Wisdom
David Rooney, Wendelin Küpers, David Pauleen, Ekatarina Zhuravleva [Google Scholar]

Review of The Time Is Now: Developing Leaders for Today’s Organizations of Color by Cassandra Y. Owens and Helen J. Owens
Vickie Cox Edmondson [Google Scholar]