Intl J Bank Mar


International Journal of Bank Marketing, 39(2)


Special issue: Customer experience and retention in a multichannel banking context

Mobile banking adoption: a systematic review
Nizar Souiden, Riadh Ladhari, Walid Chaouali [Google Scholar]

Consumption values and mobile banking services: understanding the urban–rural dichotomy in a developing economy
Heikki Karjaluoto, Richard Glavee-Geo, Dineshwar Ramdhony, Aijaz A. Shaikh, Ashna Hurpaul [Google Scholar]

The influence of mobile QR code payment on payment pleasure: evidence from China
Rong Liu, Jifei Wu, Grace Fang Yu-Buck [Google Scholar]

How does convenience drive consumers’ webrooming intention?
Amit Shankar [Google Scholar]

To continue or not to continue: a structural analysis of antecedents of mobile payment systems in India
Prashant Raman, Kumar Aashish [Google Scholar]

Determinants of customer satisfaction in chatbot use: evidence from a banking application in Turkey
Berrin Arzu Eren [Google Scholar]

Guest editorial
Nizar Souiden, Riadh Ladhari [Google Scholar]